P90X3 – Day 12

P90X3 - CVX, Day 12

P90X3 – CVX, Day 12

This morning hubby and I got CVX done earlier, but I didn’t post because kiddos kept me busy today. 🙂 The workout is a good one, if a toughie on the shoulders after an arm intensive day like yesterday.

CVX is cardio while holding a weight. I started out with an 8 lb medicine ball, but had to eventually lower to a 7 lb dumbbell, though I put that down for even a few of the moves because my shoulders were shot. So yes, I modified. But I’m okay with that. Because I’m listening to my body and not pushing to hurt myself, just working to find progress and increase strength. I am doing that. In my time and in my way. It is a lovely feeling!

Despite the early wake up, and the cold start to the workout, I didn’t let the workout stop me, I got up and kicked butt! Or did my best to anyhow. 🙂 I love working out, and pushing myself more each week. I’m seeing improvements every seek, so it makes me happy!


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