P90X3 – Day 11

P90X3 - The Challenge, Day 11

P90X3 – The Challenge, Day 11

Today was The Challenge, part deux. Last week I struggled with this one. When I started back on my fitness journey after having my youngest daughter, The Baba, or Child Number 4, I could not do a push up on my toes to save myself. Heck, to be honest I could barely hold plank on my hands and toes for very long. Or that’s the story I told myself.

If you’d have told me 2.5 years ago I’d be doing more than 1 push-up on my toes, holding a regular plank for several minutes, or anything of the sort I’d have laughed at you hysterically. But here I am today, 2.5 years later, doing a workout that consists of almost exclusively a variety of push-ups and pull-ups and chin-ups. I still struggle to do even 1 regular pull-up unassisted, but push-ups on my toes, those I can do. I may not get my chest to the floor, or much below my elbows, but I’m doing them on my toes by golly!

Yes, my pull-ups and chin-ups are modified in that I do them with a resistance band on a hook, but even the modifier in the workouts does them that way. I see no shame in modifying them. I am STILL using a 60 lb resistance band and doing a good amount of reps with each one. And I am challenging myself. Some day I may use the pull-up assist band and work to a full, “real” pull-up, but for now I am taking my successes and wins as I get them.

If that means I cheer because I do 15-20 resistance band pull-ups for every round, while then doing 10-12 push-ups on my toes, with 2 or 4 rounds dropping to 1 knee, count it 1 knee, not both, then I will. Because I am making progress! And I am showing up to push play. I am getting stronger and doing things that a younger, less fit me wasn’t able to do. I am trying, I am pushing, and I am seeing results. THOSE are the successes I count. They are not failures. Because they are more than I did in the past, more than I did even a week ago. And I am getting up and continuing to do, to push, and to try.


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