P90X3 – Day 10

P90X3 - Yoga X, Day 10

P90X3 – Yoga X, Day 10

Another round of Yoga X is done and in the books. Have I mentioned how much I love my Yoga days? I love the stretch and flexibility. While I may start off with tight hamstrings, oh my word by the end I feel so stretchy and happy. I can feel the muscles release their tension and warm up, adding to the strength and flexibility I have. Yoga really is vital to truly being able to do more in my cardio and weight session. The muscles need that extra push and work to be able to function optimally.

The Baba came down to join us for a little while, of course doing her fave poses of Downward facing dog and child’s pose, but she refused to do savasana. Perhaps she feared she’d fall asleep. I know I thought I might, it felt so wonderful to just lay back and meditate at the end. We held the pose for a good bit after just enjoying the stretch and relaxation.

Yoga is quickly becoming one of my favorite days, and I love the new routines with each of the programs as I go through. Each one offers new poses and variations that I had yet to try. And I find that I am getting ever closer to being able to go straight to up dog from lowering down with chaturanga. Progress. It is mine! It is being made. And I am a very happy me! 🙂


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