P90X3 – Day 9

P90X3 - Agility X, Day 9

P90X3 – Agility X, Day 9

Today was Agility X again. This time we took the time to actually set up the tapes to do the workouts properly. I realized quickly I need to set my tapes further apart but we just don’t have the room in our basement gym for us both to have the tapes where we need them and not run into walls. Nor is it big enough for all 4 kids to join us.

Hubby and I did have fun with one of the “running” segments running figure 8’s around both sets of tape and chasing each other. We were laughing and having fun, which was nice. One of the reasons I’m so glad he and I are doing this one together. Having a partner/buddy makes the workouts more fun and gives you someone to push you and encourage you when you start to flag.

While last week I wasn’t sure I could really get the hang of Agility X, this week showed progress. I am by no means perfect with it, and there are still segments that kick my butt, BUT I did make progress. And the tapes DEFINITELY make a huge difference. Those will become a permanent fixture I think! 🙂


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