P90X3 – Day 8

P90X3 - Total Synergistics, Day 8

P90X3 – Total Synergistics, Day 8

This week the calendar repeats from last week. We start the week with Total Synergistics. The beauty of today is we convinced the Teen, our eldest child, to join us for the workout. He wasn’t too talkative this time around, actually being serious and working out for real with us. It was lovely! The youngest even came down to join us for a bit. The middle two were off playing, so it wasn’t TOO crowded in our little workout area.

The eldest enjoyed the workouts, and having him down there adds a bit of a new dynamic, helping him learn the poses while really competing with him and the hubby. They both push me, and I love showing I can use heavier weights than both of them for some of the moves. Or more reps with the same weights as them. It’s wonderful to see such progress. And I can’t help but love the challenge and the push from them.

Talk about a rush. Laughing and sharing workouts with the kids, THAT is living by example and seeing it pay off!


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