P90X3 – Day 7

P90X3 - Dynamix, Day 7

P90X3 – Dynamix, Day 7

Another day of pure stretching and gentle workouts. When doing a 7 day workout schedule you definitely need multiple light and stretchy days. Your muscles and body need to actively recover, and Dynamix was just what the body ordered.

I think I have a new nemesis move, as burpees are getting moderately easier and less of a chore… The new nemesis? Groiners. There is no way I can jump and lunge and push-up all at the same time. At least not right now! It is a goal to be able to do this one with less difficulty and eventually master it I want it added to my wheel house!

Stretching, new moves, and a workout buddy. Overall a good workout and I completed it. I think I’d call today a success!


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