P90X3 – Day 5

X3 - CVX

X3 – CVX

This morning hubby and I got up and pressed play to P90X3 – CVX. What is CVX you ask? It’s something I am well acquainted with from my previous rounds of 21DF and 21DFX. Cardio with weights. Today only involved holding 1 weight in both hands for most of the routines, there were a few where we put the weights down. I had a few issues with the weighted march, since it was lifting the leg straight out, not a traditional march, but I pushed through.

I’m happy to say I kept 7 lbs for every routine. 🙂 Though I did modify the jumps as I usually do since jumping and my knees don’t tend to get along. It’s all about knowing your body and modifying as needed, right? I tend to think so, it’s my philosophy and I stick to it. Workout, but workout smart. and that’s what I do. It’s what my hubby had to do at several points today because he is working with slight injuries.

I think I’m really going to enjoy P90X3. It gives me the intervals and intensity of 21 DF and 21 DFX, but within a 90 day format that will change out routines and keep them new and fresh. Definitely a good challenge for me! I look forward to it. Now to get past this soreness from the last few days! LOL


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