P90X3 – Day 4

P90X3 - The Challenge

P90X3 – The Challenge

Today was “The Challenge”. It was definitely an interesting challenge. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so was worried I wouldn’t do well with this one. When it started and I found out it would be pull-ups, chin-ups, and push-ups, I admit I groaned a bit. The pull-up bar is my nemesis, enter resistance bands! Loop them around a hook hanging from the beam in our home gym and off we go.

I set my numbers at the start – 15 pull-ups and/or chin-ups and 10 push-ups. And I was determined to do them on my toes. I had no problem with the modified pull-ups and chin-ups. The push-ups I even managed most rounds with little trouble. For 4 rounds of push-ups the last 3 of each round I dropped to 1 knee but knocked them out.

And I finished. I never quit. That was the biggest thing for me!


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