P90X3 – Day 3

X3 Yoga

This morning was X3 Yoga and oh boy I seriously needed it. My hamstrings were so stiff when I started that I couldn’t even get finger tips to the ground with sun salutation. Happily, by the end I was able to get a good bit of the palm on the ground, still working on full palm.

This one had a few new to me poses and a few that I was only just starting to get with 21DFX Yoga EXTREME so it was good to revisit and build on them. Still need to work on the balance poses, but getting stronger and better with them every day. Crow is definitely my nemesis and something to work on. I can barely lift one foot off the ground before I falter. But I’ve had that issue through any version of Yoga, so I’m working on it and have the goal. 🙂

Overall, I enjoyed this one. As seems to be my M.O. with any new workout, I’m worried I won’t like it or I won’t be able to do most of what is going on. I am surprising myself and seeing that perhaps I really am stronger and more flexible than I thought. And every day I see that I can do more than I thought I could.

I wake up every day happier and more confident since fully embracing my fitness journey. Building strength in body is helping to build it mentally and spiritually and I am slowly finding the ever necessary balance. It is a good feeling!


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