Catching Up

I’ve been quiet this week, enjoying the Summer break with my kiddos and sleeping in a bit but still getting my workouts in every day. They know when I go down for my workout they are to be in the house and help each other out and to not come down and harass me. 🙂 In other words, not come ask if they can go outside, ask for food they can reach on their own, and not asking for drinks. The water and ice dispensers in the door work perfectly a-ok, they can grab a cup and take care of it. If they aren’t joining me to workout, they play (relatively) nicely with each other or on their own and I knock it out.

I’m feeling a bit more sore this week from the workouts, mostly because I have upped my weights a bit. And I’m pushing harder. I’m testing myself and going for that extra bit. It’s working and paying off, but my body is definitely feeling it afterwards and reminding me that I am doing it. I don’t mind over much, most day. 😀

I should apologize that I’ve not posted this week. I’ve been struggling trying to decide what to share. I didn’t want to continue just sharing my workouts since I’m starting a new round of 21 Day Fix EXTREME. I’ve already shared all of the workouts, how I feel about the, etc. But if I’m not sharing that, I’m at a bit of a loss of what to share.

I have a vague idea for next week. I’ll share my take on the quotes Autumn Calabrese shares before the workout for the day. It’ll be a week of sharing motivation. How the thoughts for the day keep me going. It’s important to find our motivation and use it, keep ourselves going and to dig deeper. Each and every workout, when done right, should challenge you. Should push you. And when it pushes and challenges you need to find that little spark that keeps you going. That moves you to push just that much further. That much harder. I think finding and sharing the motivation will help.

Perhaps after that I’ll start sharing a few recipes that are healthier and oh so very tasty. If you have any requests, anything you want me to write about or share please let me know. I’m willing to take requests and explore other themes.


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