21 Day Fix EXTREME – The Finish

I finished out the week strong, seeing improvements and enjoying my workouts.

Day 18 – Lower Fix EXTREME. Autumn really, REALLY enjoys working the booty and legs. But it is the power house of muscle and fat burning, so it makes sense to work on this area. I’m getting better and my knees were not nearly as sore after this one.

Day 19 – Cardio Fix EXTREME. Cardio. With weights and intervals of high intensity. It’s definitely a butt kicker and leaves me breathless. Oh, and drenched in sweat from head to toe!

Day 20 – Dirty 30 EXTREME. Another one that leaves me pouring sweat and drinking lots of water to replenish the volume left on the workout mat. It’s a good one, and is an overall body workout. Still lowering the low weight for the half moon squats, but I did manage 1 round of them with my regular light weight, so improvement there as well!

Day 21 – Yoga Fix EXTREME. I managed to get my palms flat on the floor and knees straight for the first time in Sun Salutation, am still doing chaturanga on my toes and getting super low to hover barely off the ground. I’m also managing some of the more advanced poses with a few of them, but modifying or the intermediate poses with others. Striking a good balance here and making improvements all over. I think this one is tied with the original 21 Day Fix Yoga for fave overall.

In the end, though my nutrition was not entirely 100% for the entire 21 Days I did manage to lose an inch in my waist, which is fantastic. Arms also saw slight improvements so that is super fantastic, as I’m wanting to see gains there. Thighs are seeing change, but not necessarily in inches lost/gained. I am seeing the definition in them as I do poses. Even my calves are muscling up quite a bit. I am seeing results. And that just fuels the desire to pick up and start Round 2 tomorrow.

I think with the next round of 21DFX I’ll figure out some other way to post every day. Different content and themes as it were. That way it’s not all just a rehash of the workouts, but I’ll share the workouts and gains I see.

I started off not sure I really liked the program and not sure I could do the workouts or see much success. I ended really enjoying it and wanting to do more because it’s a good challenge and definitely pushes me beyond my comfort zone.


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