21 Day Fix EXTREME – Day 17

Today was Pilates Fix EXTREME again. I am starting to like this one more than I thought I would. I’m still struggling a little with bands during Pilates and finding I have to pause quite a bit towards the end of it because my arms and legs are screaming. But that is a GOOD thing. I’m making it further every time I do the routine. I’m reaching fatigue because the muscles are working and changing.

In this case, yes fatigue is a good thing. It’s not because I’m tired, it’s because the muscles are reaching the furthest point of their endurance and strength for the session. And I’m making it further with each iteration. That is massive to me. Eventually I’ll be able to make it the entire workout without pausing, without stopping, without issue. And then eventually I’ll even be able to move past modifying as much as I do and go with the regular form and function of each pose. That is the goal. To eventually not have to modify so much.

I was actually joking with a friend in one of my accountability groups today. She loves 21 Day Fix and has been doubling it up with ChaLEAN Extreme. I joked and told her she should move up to 21 Day Fix EXTREME. She said no way because I mention my muscles are sore every day. I remarked “they aren’t sore today!” We both laughed. But it’s true. I’m not sore today. Because today is one of my active recovery days. And even though I’m sore almost every other day I workout with EXTREME, it’s a good sore. Because I’m working. I’m changing. And I’m seeing gains. And that sore, those gains, are pure gold!


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