21 Day Fix EXTREME – Day 9

Today was Upper Fix EXTREME! By the time I was done my shoulders were burning, my biceps were tight and my triceps weren’t sure if they liked me anymore or not. In a word it was… AWESOME! If a bit brutal. But change doesn’t happen without work. It doesn’t change without pushing. I did both! No the weights haven’t gone up, but seeing as I’m still modifying with the 8 lb weights as my heavies, I’m not moving up. Not yet anyhow.

I want to be able to do the reps unmodified before I increase the weight. There’s no point in going heavier if I can’t keep proper form and the reps with the weights I’m using. Yes, I know part of it might be not trusting myself, and not wanting to injure myself. I figure I’ll likely do like I did with the Original 21 Day Fix and do 2 rounds. This first round is to really learn and get the workouts down. Perfect my form. I’ll let the 2nd round be the one where I really push myself and see just how heavy, how hard, how far I can go.

Last week was much like the Original in that I wasn’t sure if I liked the program or not. I am starting to enjoy it more and more with each day, each workout, each increase in confidence as I move through. It’s not better or worse than 21DF, but different. It is definitely more of a challenge, but in a good way. It’s good to challenge myself, because it keeps my muscles guessing and keeps me moving and on my toes.

What have you done to challenge yourself today? Are you working towards your goals? How can I help you get there? Talk to me. Message me, email, leave a comment. Let me know how I can help you get to where you want to go. I want to help you get there!


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