21 Day Fix EXTREME – Day 8

Today starts Week 2 of the 21 Day schedule. It is basically a repeat of last week, but by this week we *should* be seeing more strength, endurance and improvement. I will say that though I stuck with the same weights as last week, I was still challenged. I still felt every move, but probably had even better form this week. (Some day we’ll put mirrors up so I can check form during workouts, or maybe I’ll go back to recording my workouts so I can see what I am and am not doing.)

I noticed today that I still need to modify some of the moves. That is not because I can’t do them, but more to protect myself from potential injuries, or re-injuring old injuries. I have some pretty crap-tastic knees from injuries in my youth. So I modify jumps. And there is nothing at all wrong with modifying! I still pushed, I still got the heart rate up, and I still saw improvements. Those are the things that are most important. Working WITH your body and modifying as needed to still get the benefits and the movement from the workout.

I didn’t quit, I didn’t sit still, I didn’t lay down. I found a way to make the moves work for me. That’s what we have to do. It’s all about finding what works and going with it. Have you gotten up and gotten active today? I know, it’s been a while since I asked. Bet you thought I stopped thinking about it. Nope, just hoping that you are doing them without me harping every day.

You can do it! Get up there and let today be the first, or the next, step in your journey to health and happiness.


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