21 Day Fix EXTREME – Day 7

Today was Yoga EXTREME. New poses, old poses with a twist, and just general stretchy goodness. I realized today that I’m much tighter than I have been in past weeks, so I’ve definitely been working muscles this week and needed it today. My forward folds and sun salutations weren’t nearly as deep as I could have been, but I felt the stretch and release of tension, so I know I was doing work.

I also had quite a few NEW poses. Ones I’ve never had in any of the Yoga routines I’ve done before. Humble Warrior being the first one I can think of. That one was definitely a challenge, but it was nice. I also did the bind/lock up going from Warrior 2 to Right Angle. Today was the first time I ever felt confident enough to even try.

I liked that at the end of the routine today, she actually had us do a tiny meditation, though hoped it would be longer. As I tried to coax my toddler, the ever adorable Baba, to head upstairs she refused to get out of the meditation pose (criss cross apple sauce or modified lotus). So I put my water bottle down and sat down beside her and did another 5-10 minute meditation. I really should start adding this to the end of every Yoga day because I think it helped end it all wonderfully and was a great way to continue to ground myself.


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