21 Day Fix EXTREME – Day 3

Today is Pilates Fix EXTREME. When they said it was Extreme they sure weren’t joking. I’m talking adding resistance bands to the Pilates moves. Some carried over from the original 21 Day Fix, others are all new. And the bands make it oh so very challenging.

Today was definitely a day of modifications. Modifying poses, pausing to catch my breath, and wondering if I could do even half of what I was supposed to be doing. I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry, I wanted to quit. Instead I modified and did what I could, pausing if I had to so I didn’t lose form. This one is going to definitely take work and practice. And maybe some lighter resistance bands.

It was well and truly a butt kicker. So far all of the EXTREME workouts have been. It’s a challenge, and a nice one. But I have to admit, it has me wondering if I was ready to step up to this challenge. Just my own personal self doubts creeping in. I won’t let them win and I won’t give up or give in! I will complete this round and I will succeed!


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