21 Day Fix EXTREME – Day 2

Day 2 and Upper Fix EXTREME was on tap. This one focused on the biceps, triceps, chest and abs, with a tiny bit of work on the legs. I stuck with my 5 lb and 8 lb weights, and a light resistance band. I admit I originally tried with a heavier resistance band and had to go lighter, it was just kicking my butt and I wasn’t using good form so switched it up!

I managed a few push-ups on my toes but quickly went to my knees. I still struggle with more than 3-5 on my toes, but those have ALWAYS been a weakness, so that is a vast improvement for me. I also went to the knees for them to keep form and ensure I could complete them correctly.

The lifting and other exercises were done with little to no modifications by me, so that was a nice bit. 🙂 I enjoyed this Upper workout. It was definitely a challenge, and something to definitely work me.


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