Rest Days

Rest days can be a bit confusing. While they can be days on your calendar where nothing is scheduled, it doesn’t mean this is a day to do nothing. instead it means this should be an active recovery day, where you do something gentle and kind to your body, but still stay active. It’s not necessarily a scheduled workout, but it is still a day to do something and keep up the change you’ve started. Many do Pilates or Yoga on these days.

Pilates and yoga are great ways to stretch out those sore muscles while still getting in a good workout. It helps to improve flexibility and strength. Then again, it could also be going out and swimming or doing something else that keeps you active but isn’t strenuous. The key is to gently work yourself and your body, not rush around and speed up your heart rate too much.

It is a day to help balance out all the sweat and activity. Balance. Something I’ve mentioned several times, but oh so very important. We need to find that balance in our lives to be truly happy and healthy. Imbalance is no good for any of us. Not in fitness, not in health, and definitely not in life in general. Find that balance and you find your happy.


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