Keep it fun, and remember to do nothing!

I know that title seems deceptive doesn’t it? I’m telling you to get up and get active, and then I tell you to remember to do nothing??? Am I joking? No, I’m really not. I don’t mean sit on your booty all day long and do nothing. I mean take at least 15-30 minutes to do nothing and de-stress. Just relax. Unplug from the TV, computer and phone. Put them away. Meditate, pray, just breathe. Be mindful of the moment and allow your body to relax and center. Live has to be about balance, and you can’t find that balance if you are constantly on the go. We have to stop and smell the roses so to speak. That’s what I mean by do nothing. If it’s sunny out, grab a good book and just veg outside for a little while. This one actually serves a dual purpose. Not only are you allowing your brain to unwind and settle down, you are also soaking up sun which helps your body to better process and synthesize Vitamin D! Two birds, one stone. Or win-win.

Now, when you do get back to your workout, find ways to keep it fun! Turn on some peppy and energizing music! Wear bright clothes. Have motivational posters and pictures up on your wall. And keep your new, healthier happier self firmly fixed in your mind. Also remember to take short breaks between each individual. No more than 20-30 second breaks, just to allow you to catch your breath. But it also serves to confuse your muscles. Our muscles create memory based on what they’ve done. If we take that 30 second break, when we start back up again the muscles have rested and are ready to do new things and get back to work.

Lifestyle changes are all about finding the balance that works for YOU. Find the ways that make it fun for you. Find what recharges your batteries. And above all else, get out there and live your life! Find your happy. 🙂


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