From Skeptic to Advocate – 21 Day Fix

I started my journey with 21 Day Fix 6 weeks ago. When I started, I had originally picked it up because my Hubby was interested. I’d heard about it but didn’t think it would be something I’d enjoy. We set a date to start it and I thought he’d be joining me in our home gym to get the workouts done. He didn’t join me. Not for a single one. He did join in for the meal plan, but not the workouts. *sad face* That first week, I was skeptical. I wasn’t sure I liked the workout routines and figured I’d just push through the 21 days then go back to something else. But as the week went on, I really started to enjoy the workouts. They grew on me. After that first 3 weeks, that first round, following the healthy eating plan and the workouts, I lost a total of 3 inches all over my body and for the first time in forever I saw the start of ABS! That’s amazing for me considering I’ve carried and delivered 4 children. My goal was to lose the last of the stubborn baby weight from my youngest, who turned 2 a few months ago. I decided to do a 2nd round to see how much more of a change I could see…

21 Day Fix is exactly what the name suggests… 21 days of exercise and clean eating. The workouts are set to confuse your muscles to help prevent the dreaded workout plateau. There is a good mix of cardio, upper body, lower body, Pilates, yoga and total body workouts.

With a different workout every day your muscles don’t create muscle memory and just get used to the workouts. They are challenged each and every day in different ways. With weights, without weights, and 30-60 second reps for each exercise you can definitely customize your intensity.

When I started 6 weeks ago I was using 5 lb weights for my light weight (if anything at all) and 7 lb weights for my heavy weights. I have moved up to the 7 lb weight being my light, and for some exercises I could probably bump that up to 8 lbs. My Heavy is staying steady at 10 lbs, but a few I could definitely move that up to 12 lbs and will later this week when I get to them.

Day 1 is Total Body Cardio Fix. Think cardio with weights to really challenge you. I tend to use an 8 lb medicine ball for most of these instead of a dumbbell just because the weight is distributed a bit better for me and challenges me in an entirely different way.

Day 2 is Upper Body Fix. Working out the arms and abs, with the light and heavy weights. There are curls, lifts and raises to challenge and sculpt the triceps, biceps, lats, abs and deltoids. The entire upper body is given a workout here.

Day 3 is Lower Body Fix. The ever dreaded leg day! Still using a set of light and a set of heavy weights the focus shifts to the metabolism power house – the legs and booty! Who doesn’t love a round booty? Or those sexy legs in a nice pair of shorts or skirt? Yea, this is the day to help with that!

Day 4 is an active recovery day with Pilates. Think stretching and strength training using only your body. The reps are set up different than other days, not focusing solely on 2-4 rounds of 2-5 exercises, instead this is more a fluid day of exercises that last for 30-60 seconds each, but aren’t necessarily repeated. Instead they are structured to keep you moving the entire time and stretching and strengthening those muscles you’ve been working on.

Day 5 returns to cardio with Cardio Fix, but there are no weights this day. Instead you are using your body and MOVING. You’ll be drenched in sweat and make the fat cry with this routine.

Day 6 is Dirty 30. We’re back to the weights and intervals. Another sweaty day, but in oh such a good way. This one helps focus on the entire body and gives a great workout.

Day 7 is another active recovery day with Yoga. This one is similar to Pilates in that the moves aren’t necessarily repeated like the other days, and is constant move and flow, but at a gentler pace. It is about restoring balance and renewing yourself to start all over again with Day 1.

So, 7 days of a routine of workouts. There is also a 10 Minute Fix for Abs that is 2 rounds of 5 minutes and definitely works your abs – upper, lower, obliques and even the back. There are 2 other workouts that you can do along with it – Barre Legs and Flat Abs Fix but I don’t have those so have not tried them to comment on them. Perhaps something I will get picked up in the future to try out. 🙂

I think the largest contributor to my success with the program has been following the eating plan. It is designed around portion control and eating healthy, clean, and natural foods, cutting out processed foods as often as you can. Lean proteins, minimal carbs, lots of fresh fruits and veggies, not a lot of dairy. There are a few exceptions, but that is the gist of it. Things your body can more easily process and use to fuel itself on its journey to change, sculpt, tone and trim down. And it works!


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