Getting it Started – Why I started and Why I Care!

I know I’ve talked about how to get started, why to get started, and even a bit about motivation. I try to write this to support you and encourage you. Not because I expect anything out of it, but because I genuinely want others to be happier, healthier, and able to do the things they want and enjoy. It is the reason I’ve become a Beachbody Coach and finally decided to get active with it. I want to share my story and help others find their story.

So, why do I keep pushing you to get up, get active, and get healthy? Because I know many want to. I know the need for change is out there. Obesity is becoming an epidemic in our country and I hate to see how unhappy and unhealthy people are becoming. So I sit here, in my home, with my kids, trying desperately to fight the trend and lead by example. I know you see my picture sitting over there to the right and think “Yea right. You’re skinny, what do you care?” You know what? That picture is as much a bit of good genetics as a crapton of hard work and dedication.

I have four kids. Carried and gave birth to each of them. With my third son I gained a total of 50 pounds, after losing about 20 at the start of my pregnancy due to severe and horrible morning sickness. After delivering him, I really wanted to lose the baby weight and get back into my pre-pregnancy weight. I was over 30 when he was born, and losing the weight just wasn’t as easy as it had been with the older 2 kids. I was doing a pretty good job of it then got pregnant with our youngest daughter. While I only gained a total of about 40 pounds after the morning sickness induced loss, it has taken me the 2 years since she was born to come close to losing the weight I gained with her.

My body and metabolism have changed. It is only with the lifestyle change of eating healthier and less processed crap, and working out almost daily that has helped me get anywhere near that pre-pregnancy weight. And if I’m honest here, which is my policy, I still have about 3-5 pounds to lose before I reach that pre-pregnancy weight. But you know what? I’m not as worried about being THAT weight, because it isn’t necessarily healthiest for me. What I really want is to be fit and healthy. I am getting there. I still slip up some days and cave to cravings for sugar. I enjoy a slice of birthday cake when my kids celebrate a birthday. I have a piece of dark chocolate now and then. But they are NOT my staples. I cook most of our meals at home. I watch what I buy and keep it to as few ingredients as I can. I cut down on sugar and salt and other unhealthy seasonings where I can, opting for healthier choices.

My family, while they don’t always LIKE the changes, do usually support them with only a few complaints. It’s not easy, but nothing worth truly having really is. It’s about knowing myself enough to care and create and fight for those changes. Does my way work for everyone? Not always, and definitely not immediately. Remember, that picture to the right is 2 YEARS worth of work. But I’m worth it. And I’m leading by example for my children, and they most definitely are worth it. You know who else is worth it? YOU are.

It’s why I started this Blog. Because I think every single one of you is worth the time, energy and devotion to make that change. But it has to start with you. I really am only a tool in your toolbox to fitness, health and happiness. I can cheer you on, support you, help you find the programs and meal plans that will work for YOU. But you have to make the decision to start. I can’t make it for you. And, in the end, it will only succeed if you put in the work to do it. If you fully commit to the changes you desire. I can’t do the work for you. I can only support you. But I’m here every step of the way, cheering you on and answering questions when you ask. And I believe in you. I know you can make the change and see the results. Your road will just likely look different than mine. And that’s okay.

So please, let’s do this. Together. For you. For your future. I’m here. Get up, push play, and MOVE!


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