Getting Started – What This Isn’t

I’ve talked about motivation and getting started, keeping things going and making your new choices sustainable. I suppose I should take a step back and mention what your decision really is and what it isn’t. Because, let’s face it, mentality is the largest part of working out and success.

Deciding to get fit, eat healthy, and keep it going is NOT a diet or just exercise. it is a LIFESTYLE change and choice. You have to change the way you interact with and view food. You have to change the way you view your fitness. There is an entire mental overhaul that happens when you make this choice.

Fad diets and the latest weight loss gimmick just are not sustainable. What IS sustainable is making the conscious choice and effort to change your relationship with food and your body. It is entirely true that your body is a temple. You have to take care of it and find balance in order for it to take care of you. I know we’ve discussed that you have to change the way you eat to support your new fitness goals, being unable to really see change if you continue to eat crappy. I’ve also mentioned your mental view on the whole process can derail you if you aren’t careful.

YOU made the choice to change you. You made the choice to get healthier, to get happier. You chose to make this change. You have to set yourself up for long term success. And, in all honesty, that means changing your lifestyle. Change isn’t easy. Giving up some of those foods that you love but are horrible for you isn’t easy. Working out and pushing your body to its limits isn’t easy. Then again, being unhappy with your life and the way you feel isn’t easy either. You have to find that balance that keeps you happy without punishing yourself.

Balance. In the gym, or home gym or even on the trails, wherever you are going to find your fit. Balance in the kitchen finding the foods that sustain you and fuel you. Balance in your schedule and your daily life. Balance. It really is key to your success and happiness.

You can find it. You can do it. And I’m here for you!


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