Getting Started – Week 1

So you’ve gotten your prep work all finished and you’re ready to start. Let’s do this! You’re ready to rock the workouts, put in the work and get it done. And I’m sitting here cheering you on. Now for some of the things you can expect during that first week…

You’ll sweat. A lot! If you’re not used to working out or any type of structured activity and have been mostly sedentary, the exertion will likely make you sweat. I like to think of sweat as fat crying. Sweat is a product of raising your heart rate and your core body temperature through exertion and hard work to retrain the way your muscles and body move. It is a measure and visible proof that you’ve been active, done the work, and are putting in the effort needed.

You may be sore. Let’s face it, when we use muscles we aren’t used to and push ourselves further than we are used to we make the muscles work. Those muscles begin to change their form and that can lead to tenderness and soreness. At first it will hurt. Some days you’ll even consider taking a Tylenol or Motrin to help ease the soreness. That’s perfectly okay. Long soaks in a warm bath with epsom salts also helps. As does massage and foam rolling. Show those muscles some love when you are done. But for heavens sake, make sure you are properly warming up and cooling down before and after your workouts to ensure you are showing those muscles all the love they deserve. Let me repeat that. DO NOT workout cold. Stretch. Both before and after. It helps to get the synovial fluid moving to coat and protect your joints, it helps to move along the proteins in your muscles, and helps to fight soreness and injury.

Remember that you are working for change. You are working towards goals and for results. And you are working to feel better. It takes time, consistency and effort. You can do it. Don’t quit before you start. Don’t quit just after you start. Stick with it, I promise you’ll see the results and feel better. It is just sometimes a slow moving boulder. You have to first push that boulder up the hill to watch it roll down and pick up momentum. Think of these first few weeks as pushing that boulder up the hill. You’ll reach that pinnacle and see the top soon enough. You can do it.

And remember, I’m here cheering you on. And always a message or email away if you’re working with me to find those results. I want to help you. I want to see you succeed. And not for me. I want to see you succeed for YOU! Remember, you are why you are doing this. I am just another tool in that tool box to help ensure your success. Let’s do this!


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