Getting Started – Week 0

Week 0 is the week that we plan out menus, start prepping meals and groceries for the week(s) ahead, and go over the guides for the workout program you are dedicated to doing. If there is a video/DVD with “how to” for the different moves/forms this is the week to watch it a couple of times. Maybe even try out the moves with the instruction on your screen.

Knowing HOW to do the moves is vital to keeping yourself from getting hurt once you start. Having the right equipment and everything your program requires before you start also helps prepare you for success. You can look at it with a couple of sayings or anachronisms.

The first is to be like a Boy Scout and always be prepared. (No, we’re not all boys or scouts, but the adage fits.) Be prepared before you start and be prepared for eventualities that will come up and you’ll be setting yourself up for success.

The second is one I learned from the Military, the 5 (or 6 depending on how you count and write it out) P’s – Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Much like “be prepared” this one reminds us to plan ahead so we can kick butt and take names. Knowing what we’re doing, before we’re doing it, and being ready to get it done makes things so much less stressful.

This is the big reason all of the Beachbody programs come with schedules and meal plans and guides. They give you the tools to set you up for success. You just have to sit down, research, plan, follow through, and push yourself to your success. Heck, even the Beachbody website has a section to schedule all of your workouts and gives you the ability to log and track your workouts. That accountability is huge. It also has a section for helping plan meals and many ideas for the meal plans for each workout.

Some of the meal plans aren’t as concrete as others, and this is where the research and planning comes in on your part. With 21 Day Fix, I was given a guide of what to eat, how to portion it out, and I sat down and made the menu based on those guidelines. It took a bit of time, and creativity, and a good bit of planning, but I got it done.

You can too. It sounds pithy to say if I can do it, so can you. But honestly, it’s true. With dedication and work, you CAN do it. That’s why you committed to change isn’t it? You want to see those changes and are finally ready to take the steps to make it happen. So stop doubting and trust that you can do it. And believe that I am here to help you. It is why I am a coach. To help others find their fit, find their groove, and help when you get stuck or need more information.

What steps have you taken to achieve those goals today?


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