Getting Started – You’ve Chosen, Now What?

We’ve worked to get your program figured out. We’ve created your Beachbody account and have you signed up and ready to start there. You’ve ordered your program and are waiting for it to get to you. What do you do now?

While you wait for the workout program to get to you (if you haven’t decided to add Beachbody on Demand to your access to have it online as well as DVD), the time is now to start prepping your nutrition and meal plan. While each workout has suggested meal plans and recipes, Beachbody itself has a very good Menu Planning system to help you figure out recipes and entire menus based on different activity levels and caloric intake suggestions, as well as many different dietary restrictions.

Why am I discussing meal plans and nutrition so strongly today? Because a large part of the success of ANY exercise program is diet. You can’t expect to have a six pack of abs while eating crap. The work you do in the gym or to those workout DVDs is only truly effective when you eat the proper foods to fuel your workouts.

Food is fuel, not a crutch. It, much as the decision to workout, requires a change in mindset. You have to look at it positively and commit to changing the way you view food. You have to eat healthy, nutrient rich foods to fuel the changes you seek to make. And you have to eat smaller portions, and more often. I eat 6 small meals evenly spaced throughout the day so that I can keep from letting my blood sugar drop. But I also listen to my body. Listening to what my body needs, and if I need to eat something between a snack, I go for something healthy. Healthy can still be tasty, and tasty can be healthy. You just have to get past going for the easy, the quick, and the processed.

You can do it. And guess what. Yep, I’m still here to help you figure out meal ideas, not just the workouts. I want you to succeed. 🙂 So get up, get active. And make that change. It starts with you!


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