Motivation – Is failure ever a success?

I know, you’re wondering, how on Earth could failure EVER be considered a success? Doesn’t failure mean I failed? In what twisted world could that be a good thing? Well, that all depends on the “failure” you are speaking of.

Having a cheat meal or a treat now and then won’t kill you. Honestly. It is a temporary derailment from your healthy eating path, but it won’t completely sabotage and destroy you if you approach it the right way. We all come upon situations where a less than healthy meal or treat tempts us – that slice of cake at the birthday party, a slice of pie at the family Thanksgiving meal, a couple of cookies at the holidays. They are treats, not failures. So long as they are viewed as treats and don’t become the start of a total backslide, it isn’t a total failure. Just a temporary failure of the eating plan. Dust yourself off and get right back on the wagon with your next meal.

When approaching your workouts, “muscle failure” is actually a GREAT for you failure. It means you have pushed yourself with the weights or reps of an exercise to the point that your muscles have given their all and one more rep just isn’t possible. It means you’ve found your wall, pushed past that sticking point, and made it to the top. Many trainers would rather you fail at 8-10 reps with heavier weights, than see you breeze through 12-15 reps and get no real benefit and result with lower weights. That doesn’t mean go out and push to a heavier weight just because you want to reach that failure. You build up to it. Slowly and steadily. You build yourself up to tear down those walls. But when you reach that 8th or 10th rep and you are shaking and just can’t go forward to finish the set, that failure is a real success. You are working. It is a beautiful thing.

Failure really is an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, our strengths, our limits, and learn to work past them. They are a wall we have to scale. They set the bench mark for us to work towards and past. After all, how are we to truly appreciate our successes if we didn’t first fail to know what it felt like and to learn what we needed to achieve next? I say appreciate and embrace the “failures”. Use them as opportunities to learn and grow. Let them help you push further forward. Only then will you be accessing your full potential. Only then will you appreciate the successes and really, truly be able to celebrate them.

I hope you get out there and find your successes today. Feel free to fail. I won’t think any less of you. I promise!


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