Motivation – More about my why…

If you noticed at the end of yesterday’s post, I shared my before and after photos for the last round of 21 Day Fix. I posted Sunday I had lost 3 inches total from the round, but when I look at the pictures I don’t know that I see it all that well. Maybe I could have chosen different pics. I don’t know.

You’ll also notice I didn’t share my face. Who I am isn’t wrapped up in the mirror, and I’m not in this for recognition. I want to help others. So I may share my results and the occasional picture, but is seeing “me” really that important? I would hope my words and actions speak more than seeing me when I’m sweaty and red from a workout.

You see, I workout because I enjoy how I feel after, and the results that I see. I share because I hope to inspire others to get up and move. To get up and get healthy. To find their motivation and why for healing their bodies and finding longevity through healthy eating and activity.

But I also hope to heal myself and overcome my own difficulties. I have asthma, severe allergies (food and environmental) and have broken quite a few bones in my youth. So I DO modify my workouts. Not because I can’t do the workouts as they are unmodified (though sometimes that is the case), I modify because I want to make sure my body cooperates and doesn’t always support what my heart says I want to do.

Knowing ourselves is the first step in being able to find our health. Knowing ourselves is vital in overcoming the hurdles we put on ourselves. Asking medical advice before beginning anything – be it exercise or menu changes – is a very good idea. They know your health and limitations as well. And they can help you make informed decisions into what is best for YOU. So, feel free to ask me for advice and help. I’ll gladly help find what will work for you. But also exercise a bit of caution and ask your Doctor before you begin. Just in case.

Now, have you gotten active? My activity today was Upper Fix and 10 Minute Fix for Abs (both from 21 Day Fix). I admit that the Abs disk was a bit more of a butt kicker than I was ready for. But I got MOST of it done. I was interrupted by a face full of Cheeze-Its thanks to the Toddler.

So, if you haven’t gotten active today, get up and find your fit. Dance, go for a brisk walk, just do something. You can do it!


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