21 Day Fix – Day 20

Day 20 and my workout was Dirty 30. It is another total body workout, but today included weights. I maintained my goal of 10 lbs being my heavy weights and 7 lbs being the light weights. On the 2nd round of tricep kickbacks my arms were screaming at me and hating me a bit, but I got it done. My goal at the beginning was to end with 7s and 10s and I did it! In 3 weeks! I think that is truly amazing.

Another wonderful thing about my workout today was that I got my eldest to join me in working out. He’s been asking for workouts that focus on the arms and abs – total 13 year old boy focus, right? Well I knew today would have weights so I went and convinced him to join me. I swear working out with him is a riot because he keeps a running commentary going. I am not sure if his mouth works more than the rest of him during the workouts. Though it’s not really a BAD thing. He had me in stitches. Especially when we got to the sumo squats with row. He starts saying he’s a monkey and making monkey noises with every dip and row. I couldn’t keep from laughing, despite trying. I really did try not to laugh and encourage him, but in the end I had to give in to the laughter.

By the time we hit the 20 minute mark he started making noise about being done. With 8 minutes to go he really did try to quit. I told him there were 8 minutes left he couldn’t quit now. Despite saying he was going to quit, he finished with me, and finished strong. He even stayed for the cool down despite not being interested. I told him it was a vital part of the workout, so he stuck it out as well. He might not have held form perfectly, but he had fun and he did work. And he even managed to stick with 12 lb weights for almost everything, only lowering to 8 lb weights for a couple of exercises. For a kid who prefers to lift his X-box controller as often as going outside to play, I’m really rather proud of him.

Today wasn’t just getting my workout done. It was spending time with my eldest son while also getting him to get u and be fit and active. Gifts to both of us all around I think. A good bit of bonding if you ask me!

Have you gotten out there and gotten active today? Do you plan to get out there tomorrow and be fit? Don’t let the weekend be your excuse to sit back, remember that even on the weekends you need to feed your body and do something! You can do it!


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