21 Day Fix – Day 19

It’s hard to believe that I started this current fitness journey almost 3 weeks ago. I mean, seriously. Day 21 is SUNDAY! That is amazing to me. I feel stronger and can do so much more than I was just 3 weeks ago. It is a wonderful feeling. It let’s me know that things are working. That the program really does work as advertised. I love that I can be a Coach for Beachbody and try out these products when I am unsure of them, and see results. I was a bit of a doubter for myself when I started 21 Day Fix. I am a believer now.

That leads to my workout today. Today was Cardio Fix. When I did this one for the first time, I was ready to quit when I hit the “bonus” round. Today, while the bonus round wasn’t super fun, I didn’t quit and wasn’t as winded and doubting when i got to it.

I am enjoying this Chapter of my Fitness journey. It is trying and testing me and pushing me to be better with my nutrition and my fitness than I’ve been in the past. Pushing myself further and finding new limits. It is a wonderful thing!

Have you gotten out and been active today? What are you doing to find the happier, healthier, more fit you?


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