21 Day Fix – Day 18

I admit, today was a day I had a moment or two of “I don’t want to workout today”. My allergies are in full swing and breathing is interesting. I have to keep the Kleenex handy. I didn’t not do my workout though. I went down to get it done. I had to pause a few minutes in to blow my nose, but after those first few minutes, I was breathing easier through my nose than I had in days. Amazing what a good workout can do for a person! 🙂

Another round of Pilates Fix is in the books. I am really starting to enjoy this one. I take back the “it’s too slow” comment from my first week. It’s just the right pace for the work being done. It is focusing on breathing with the movements, and that is definitely an important thing. I think by focusing on my breathing I am letting my body do what it needs to and not trying to force it. Another reason to like and enjoy the workout!

I’ve also done well with eating clean today and drinking plenty of water. I’ve had at least 70 oz of water so far today. And still going strong. Water is perhaps the best thing we can drink because it hydrates and replenishes the fluids we sweat out. It is also about the only thing I really drink. Fruit juices tend to be too sweet, soda just leaves me feeling horrid, and I’ve never liked coffee. I will drink herbal tea every now and then, though. So I suppose there is that. 🙂

Have you gotten out there and gotten active yet today? What was your favorite healthy/clean eating meal of the day? Today? Mine was dinner – small steak with roasted asparagus and homemade mashed potatoes. Yumm!


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