21 Day Fix – Day 16

Today my workout was Upper Fix. Oh boy, I’m feeling it now. I pushed myself. Really pushed. I even moved up to stick with 10 lbs for my heavy weight and 7 lbs for my light weight. And I kept it throughout, I didn’t have to put them down and stop. Oh my goodness it was such a challenge. But a good challenge. Such a good challenge! Oh so very good!

I am very happy that I have so far this week made my mark with moving up to the light and heavy weights goals. It feels great. Even when it challenged me. Even when I thought I couldn’t push any farther. I didn’t give up. I didn’t quit. I pushed. I kept going. I got it done.

Speaking of getting it done, something I haven’t mentioned much, only really alluded to… Nutrition. Nutrition is so very important. You can work out all day long, but dangit if you eat CRAP all day, you’re just going to sabotage all that hard work. I’m not saying don’t eat. You HAVE to eat to fuel your body and your workouts. BUT, and here’s the thing. You have to eat healthy, good for you, nutrition RICH foods. A treat now and then won’t kill your nutrition, it won’t derail you. But it can take down your hard work if you continue to treat and cheat and eat crap. And you know what? When you cut the crap out of your diet, when you do cheat… It doesn’t taste nearly as good as it once did. Try it. Try a day of clean eating, then a week, then two weeks, then three. I bet your body will thank you for it. Your health will thank you for it. And YOU will thank you for it!

So, have you gotten up and gotten active for at least 30 minutes today? No excuses. get up, get out there and do SOMETHING! Take the kids or the dog for a walk. Get up and dance to your favorite songs. What about your nutrition? Are you ready to start eating to fuel your body instead of sabotaging it? You can do it! I know you can. I’m here to support you. And I’ll help you get it if you want, just ask me how!


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