21 Day Fix Day 14

Two weeks. Has it really been a full 2 weeks since I started 21 Day Fix? Yes and no. Yes on the workout portion, no for the eating plan. I really am enjoying the program, the workouts and the eating plan. They work so very well together, and the eating plan isn’t too terribly hard once you get used to it. Portion control. Lots and lots of portion control and shopping the perimeter of the store, with little to no processed foods in the diet. It’s a good plan. It’s a good way to approach meals and planning. it just takes adjustment and time. And that’s the crux of 21 Day Fix. It takes 21 days to make (or break) a habit, to create a consistent routine, and wire it into your brain. The eating plan is at 21 days for me, the workouts will be soon.

Well, okay the working out has been a routine. I’ve not missed many workouts in the last several months. But THESE routines will be at 21 days next week. I am still debating on restarting the workouts/continuing them after next Sunday or moving on to the 21 Day Fix Extreme. I’m leaning more to another round of 21 Day Fix then Extreme. We shall see.

Today’s workout, though. That’s what my post is supposed to be about isn’t it? Today’s workout was Yoga Fix. Like last week I managed chaturanga on my toes. Well, the making it to the floor bit, knees may have hit to help me lift myself back up into upward dog. It is a work in progress. All fitness and flexibility is. The fact that I am seeing the progress and know I am making it and getting stronger means the workouts are working and that makes me one happy, fit mama!

Did you get out there today and get active? Did you eat healthy? What are your plans for tomorrow? Mine is healthy eating, play with the kids and get stuff done around the house. Oh yes, and 21 Day Fix – Complete Cardio Fix. That one shall be fun I’m sure! 🙂


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