21 Day Fix Day 13

Another day, another workout. Today was Dirty 30. Funny name, I know, but it really is a good one. It works the whole body, but really gives a good focus on weights and the arms. My arms are already starting to let me know I worked them. I can feel the good sore starting to set in. Lifting will definitely be interesting tomorrow, and probably even later tonight.

I am seeing increases in strength and even reps on exercises. I was able to up my heavy weights to 8 lbs. They are still challenging in some spots, but not entirely in others so I will definitely push myself to try the 10 lbs next week. I do know that the 5 lb weights for the light weights has gotten too light, so 7 lbs will be my light weight next week. I love that little tidbit!

I love that I am seeing progress. In just 2 weeks. I am seeing more definition all over, I am seeing tone. I am seeing strength gains. It is a wonderful thing. Oh so very wonderful. Yes, the program is winning me over. I was a doubter before I started and the proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Or, in this case, the progress and the change I am seeing.

What are you doing to get yourself up and out there? What are you working to change today? How are you pushing yourself? Are you eating clean today? Have you gotten at least 30 active minutes in yet? Get out there and enjoy your Saturday. And do something to find that health and happiness for YOU!


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