21 Day Fix Day 12

Good morning my dears. Today starts Day 12 of the 21 Day Fix. I started the day with a Vegan Chocolate Shakeology with half of a banana and a tablespoon of Nutella. Why add the Nutella for extra chocolate? Why not use peanut butter? Because MY jar of peanut butter has nuts and they just don’t blend up very well. And hubby’s smooth/creamy peanut butter has honey. That’s just too sweet for me, so I opt for the Nutella for a little extra chocolate kick. 🙂 When it’s the same calories and sugar content as the PB, why not treat with hazelnuts instead of peanuts!

My workout this morning consisted of Cardio Fix. No weights today. I admit, I was a little frowny faced at that one. I love the weighted exercises. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t push and didn’t get a good burn or workout. I was drenched in sweat half way through, and that was all just body weight and cardio kicking up the heat and heart rate. It was a good workout. And the bonus round didn’t kick my butt quite as much this week. Yay! Loving the successes and strength, the GAINS I’m seeing with just a week of work! (Even with a day off for being sick!)

Overall, so far I am enjoying the program much more than I thought I would. I swore I bought it because my Hubby expressed an interest. He saw an add for it and asked. So I looked into it and told him we’d get it when we got our tax refund. As soon as it hit, we ordered it and 21 Day Fix Extreme, which may or may not be my next mountain to climb. I’m honestly not sure. I may do another round of 21 Day Fix first, just for even more success and strength before going Extreme.

All in all, while I had reservations at the start, Autumn and the workouts have won me over. I really am enjoying them. As with Combat (which was another program I bought for him that has become mine) I am seeing gains and success and loving it. Funny how you get something for someone else and it becomes something for you isn’t it? That’s the joy of fitness and workouts. You try something and sometimes it becomes that thing that works for you. The joys of trial and error, open minds, and listening to your mind, your heart, your body, and the Universe. Trust and balance. What a wonderful combination!

Have you gotten out there and gotten your 30 minutes of active movement done today? Are you getting in the healthy eating and cleaning up the nutrition? What are you doing for YOU today?


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