Fitness with a Curveball

Being a Mom to 4 keeps me busy, I won’t lie.  Many would let that stop them when it comes to fitness and staying consistent.  I do my utmost to not let them and the curve balls they throw stop me from getting my workouts in.  Take yesterday for example.

Yesterday the youngest son, Matman, had a dentist appointment during my normal workout time.  Yes, I schedule my workouts so I don’t let myself miss them.  If I didn’t schedule my workouts they would be “if I get to it” and that just isn’t acceptable.

Anyhow, yesterday we were at the Dentist’s office when I should have been working out.  I didn’t let it stop me though.  Like every school morning I woke up and put on my workout gear – yoga pants, sports bra, workout (read wick-away fabric) athletic top, workout shoes and prepared myself as if I would get it done.  After dropping him off at school I came home, had lunch with Hubby, let lunch settle for about 30-45 minutes (it wasn’t a large lunch) then down to the home gym I went.

I didn’t let life get in the way of that workout.  Because workouts and fitness are important.  Yes, I could have copped out and said “I’ve had a busy day, I don’t want to workout” and left it at that.  But that is MY time.  Time to release stress, to focus on me, and to improve my physical and mental self.  So I made it a priority to make sure it got done.

How do you make sure your workouts get done when life throws you a curve ball?  Some days that workout is done earlier to ensure it gets done, others it is after the curve ball, but it gets done.  In the end, consistency is the key!  Remember, you make your schedule and you make the decision to get your workouts done.  Are you dedicated to seeing those improvements?  If you are, you will find the time and make sure you get what is important to you done.

The first step, put your workouts on your calendar.  Tell friends you aren’t available during that time.  If that is the absolute only time you can get something done (that curveball) be flexible and reschedule, but promise yourself you WILL get it done.  You can do it!  Trust me, you’ll thank yourself for it in the end!


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