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P90X3 – Day 2

Today was Agility X. Let me begin by prefacing that my hamstrings are still super tight from yesterday and Sunday when we worked in the garden. So I really was not super excited to see a workout that focused a lot on jumping and legs. Then again, does a leg focused day EVER pop up when you WANT it? I say not, but I am likely not the majority here. LOL

I got up and did it though. Made myself warm up, press play and start. Of course, having my hubby beside me and competing to see how well we could both do was a great motivator. Working out with a partner is always better than getting in there alone. Someone to help motivate and push you is a great thing.

I do know that my feet and agility were not quite on par with those on screen so I have something to push for and work towards. I will get there, it just may take a while to get there. Practice, persistence, and push. Those are my 3 P’s for the next few weeks. Anytime this workout comes up in the schedule, I know my benchmarks and what I need to do to meet and exceed them!


A New Program

I have moved on from 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme for now. I am starting P90X3 with the hubby. He said he needed to get back into working out and he really loves the P90X series of workouts. We tried to start P90X2 last week, but decided 3 might be better. So P90X3 is where we are going.

This morning was our first X3 workouts. It was Total Synergistics, so a bit of total body with Yoga and Cardio combined. I only say a bit of Yoga because we did a few Warrior 3 and other inspired yoga poses.

I really enjoyed the workout. It challenged me on several workouts and poses. I was definitely glad that for the last 2.5 to 3 months I’d been doing 21DF and 21DFX. Both programs helped me to be ready for X3. I think the next 90 days will be a wonderful journey full of learning, stretching, and pushing myself. And even better, I will be taking this journey with my hubby. Because working out is always better with a partner!


Thoughtful Tuesday

21 DFX Upper Fix EXTREME Though of the Day – Build a body you’re proud of

When we work out we are often working towards a goal. Losing weight. Gaining muscle or to tone up. Bulking up. Getting stronger. All of that is building the body and lifestyle you want.

Exercise is a large part of “building” that body. You are stretching, strengthening, and even toning those muscles. Sometimes even bulking them up. But you are working on the machine that is your physical temple and body.

Perhaps an even larger part of building that body is the food you eat. No matter how hard you work, you can sabotage yourself in the kitchen each and every day. You have to build the menus to sustain the new, healthier, fit lifestyle you are building.

Clean, healthy and lean eating becomes vital. Cutting out the candy bars, donuts, cookies, cake, fast food, etc. becomes an integral part of finding the body and life you are working towards. You can’t live on that stuff every single day and expect the work you do in the gym, on the track, or on the bike to fix the way you eat.

Fitness and health is about balance. Life is about finding balance. To succeed, to truly succeed, we must find the balance between what we eat, how we work our bodies, what we feed our minds and souls with, and how we relax and rejuvenate ourselves. Find that balance between mind, body, heart and soul and you’ll have built the strongest most balanced and healthiest/happiest whole self you can!


Motivation Monday / Thought of the Day

21DFX Plyo Fix EXTREME – The thought of the day today is:

“Now’s your chance to change your life!”

Each and every day is a new day, a new opportunity, a new chance to get up and change yourself. A new breath of fresh air on the path you walk and the routines you follow. Stop saying “I’ll start tomorrow.” “I’ll get to it.” Stop putting off what you want and desire. Yesterday is gone and done, you can’t change it. Tomorrow isn’t here yet and is not promised. Today is the only day you know you have. This moment. It is the present. It is your prime opportunity to take the steps, to make the change, to create and shape the life you desire.

Don’t think about an hour from now, a day from now, think of this moment right now. What do you want to do? What can you do right now to make it happen? Get up and do it! Stop putting it off. The old adage “do not put off til tomorrow what you can get done today” is absolutely true and vital.

Especially with your health and fitness. Start now. The sooner you start, the more those benefits will last. The longer they will last. The easier those changes and choices will be. So get up and get it done. Make the commitment to start that workout TODAY. Make the commitment to eat healthier, to get up and move more. Change today, so tomorrow will be easier for you. So you’ll be happier. So you’ll be healthier. So you’ll be stronger.

Just get up and do it!


Catching Up

I’ve been quiet this week, enjoying the Summer break with my kiddos and sleeping in a bit but still getting my workouts in every day. They know when I go down for my workout they are to be in the house and help each other out and to not come down and harass me. 🙂 In other words, not come ask if they can go outside, ask for food they can reach on their own, and not asking for drinks. The water and ice dispensers in the door work perfectly a-ok, they can grab a cup and take care of it. If they aren’t joining me to workout, they play (relatively) nicely with each other or on their own and I knock it out.

I’m feeling a bit more sore this week from the workouts, mostly because I have upped my weights a bit. And I’m pushing harder. I’m testing myself and going for that extra bit. It’s working and paying off, but my body is definitely feeling it afterwards and reminding me that I am doing it. I don’t mind over much, most day. 😀

I should apologize that I’ve not posted this week. I’ve been struggling trying to decide what to share. I didn’t want to continue just sharing my workouts since I’m starting a new round of 21 Day Fix EXTREME. I’ve already shared all of the workouts, how I feel about the, etc. But if I’m not sharing that, I’m at a bit of a loss of what to share.

I have a vague idea for next week. I’ll share my take on the quotes Autumn Calabrese shares before the workout for the day. It’ll be a week of sharing motivation. How the thoughts for the day keep me going. It’s important to find our motivation and use it, keep ourselves going and to dig deeper. Each and every workout, when done right, should challenge you. Should push you. And when it pushes and challenges you need to find that little spark that keeps you going. That moves you to push just that much further. That much harder. I think finding and sharing the motivation will help.

Perhaps after that I’ll start sharing a few recipes that are healthier and oh so very tasty. If you have any requests, anything you want me to write about or share please let me know. I’m willing to take requests and explore other themes.