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21 Day Fix EXTREME – The Finish

I finished out the week strong, seeing improvements and enjoying my workouts.

Day 18 – Lower Fix EXTREME. Autumn really, REALLY enjoys working the booty and legs. But it is the power house of muscle and fat burning, so it makes sense to work on this area. I’m getting better and my knees were not nearly as sore after this one.

Day 19 – Cardio Fix EXTREME. Cardio. With weights and intervals of high intensity. It’s definitely a butt kicker and leaves me breathless. Oh, and drenched in sweat from head to toe!

Day 20 – Dirty 30 EXTREME. Another one that leaves me pouring sweat and drinking lots of water to replenish the volume left on the workout mat. It’s a good one, and is an overall body workout. Still lowering the low weight for the half moon squats, but I did manage 1 round of them with my regular light weight, so improvement there as well!

Day 21 – Yoga Fix EXTREME. I managed to get my palms flat on the floor and knees straight for the first time in Sun Salutation, am still doing chaturanga on my toes and getting super low to hover barely off the ground. I’m also managing some of the more advanced poses with a few of them, but modifying or the intermediate poses with others. Striking a good balance here and making improvements all over. I think this one is tied with the original 21 Day Fix Yoga for fave overall.

In the end, though my nutrition was not entirely 100% for the entire 21 Days I did manage to lose an inch in my waist, which is fantastic. Arms also saw slight improvements so that is super fantastic, as I’m wanting to see gains there. Thighs are seeing change, but not necessarily in inches lost/gained. I am seeing the definition in them as I do poses. Even my calves are muscling up quite a bit. I am seeing results. And that just fuels the desire to pick up and start Round 2 tomorrow.

I think with the next round of 21DFX I’ll figure out some other way to post every day. Different content and themes as it were. That way it’s not all just a rehash of the workouts, but I’ll share the workouts and gains I see.

I started off not sure I really liked the program and not sure I could do the workouts or see much success. I ended really enjoying it and wanting to do more because it’s a good challenge and definitely pushes me beyond my comfort zone.


21 Day Fix EXTREME – Day 17

Today was Pilates Fix EXTREME again. I am starting to like this one more than I thought I would. I’m still struggling a little with bands during Pilates and finding I have to pause quite a bit towards the end of it because my arms and legs are screaming. But that is a GOOD thing. I’m making it further every time I do the routine. I’m reaching fatigue because the muscles are working and changing.

In this case, yes fatigue is a good thing. It’s not because I’m tired, it’s because the muscles are reaching the furthest point of their endurance and strength for the session. And I’m making it further with each iteration. That is massive to me. Eventually I’ll be able to make it the entire workout without pausing, without stopping, without issue. And then eventually I’ll even be able to move past modifying as much as I do and go with the regular form and function of each pose. That is the goal. To eventually not have to modify so much.

I was actually joking with a friend in one of my accountability groups today. She loves 21 Day Fix and has been doubling it up with ChaLEAN Extreme. I joked and told her she should move up to 21 Day Fix EXTREME. She said no way because I mention my muscles are sore every day. I remarked “they aren’t sore today!” We both laughed. But it’s true. I’m not sore today. Because today is one of my active recovery days. And even though I’m sore almost every other day I workout with EXTREME, it’s a good sore. Because I’m working. I’m changing. And I’m seeing gains. And that sore, those gains, are pure gold!


21 Day Fix EXTREME – Day 16

Today was Upper Fix EXTREME. I’m still using my 5 lb and 8 lb weights, and the 5 lb weights are finally starting to seem a bit light, which is okay. I’ll up weight for lower next week. At first I thought 8 lbs today might have been too light, but by the end it was just right and even a bit heavy. That means I was reaching fatigue, and that is a good thing. 5 lbs though, seemed to stay a bit light.

I’m noticing more changes. Clothes are really starting to fit looser than they were, though the shirt sleeves are mildly tighter around my upper arms. 🙂 Yay for building muscle. Muscle burns fat, so I’m okay with that. I’m not bulking up, per se. Instead I’m leaning out and toning up, so the muscle is lean and looks good, if I don’t say so myself. 🙂

With the next round, that starts on Monday, I’ll be dialing in nutrition even more to see just what kind of results I can achieve. It’s all a learning process and I’m enjoying it!

What have you done to help find your fit and healthy today?


Progress versus Perfection

Seeing as it is Motivation Monday, I wanted to change things up to share a blog post posted by Autumn Calabrese, the creator of the exercise program I’m currently doing (21 Day Fix EXTREME) It can be read here: Progress NOT Perfection (which follows up this one: 10 Non-Scale Successes )

I read this article a couple months ago and I absolutely agree with it. It really resonated with me and helped me change the way I viewed my own journey. I know many of us want to lose pounds or see progress, but honestly you have to celebrate EVERY step of the process. You are working to change your lives, not see quick results. The products promising quick results are often neither truly safe nor long term sustainable. Sustainable takes time and work. Celebrate the changes, celebrate the gains/losses you are achieving, but don’t think “I only lost XYZ pounds, I wanted to lose more.” You’re fighting for each change, and are doing great! You can do it!

With that in mind, yesterday was Yoga Fix EXTREME. I didn’t realize just how tight my legs were until I started going through forward fold and sun-salutations. Oh my, my hamstrings were oh so very VERY tight! They loosened up by the end, but still just a wee bit tight. It is a really good yoga routine though. Right up there with the one from the Original 21 Day Fix. I really enjoy them both. 🙂 And am seeing gains in balance, as well as moves, so I know I’m making progress. I love it!

Today was Plyo Fix EXTREME. Yep. Still NOT my favorite routine. Just because of the sheer amount of jumping done. My knees don’t much like it, but I modify and move on. I have found myself able to jump more and more from what I was able to do when I started 3 weeks ago. It’s amazing the progress we can make in just 3 weeks!

And yes, today starts the beginning of Week 3. My 21 days for this Fix EXTREME are almost done. And I’ve made the decision I will be restarting on Monday. And I’ll make sure that I dial in nutrition even more, because I’ve not been perfect this go round. I can do it. I will do it! And I’ll enjoy the process. 🙂


21 Day Fix EXTREME – Days 12 & 13

Day 12 was Cardio Fix EXTREME. Cardio with weights and short intervals to really get the sweat and heart rate up. It was a good one. We had a power flicker in the middle of one round so I kept moving while I waited for the opening credits to run through then fast forwarded to the round I got interrupted on. I persevered though and go it done. There were a few times I really pushed and thought I was going to have to quit but I didn’t. Kept going and got it done.

Day 13 was Dirty 30 EXTREME. Pushed and pushed and sweated a lot. I felt every movement and even lowered a bit (again) on the squat/half moons. My shoulders needed lower weights on the 2nd rounds, they just didn’t like the weights I’d chosen. My elbows were losing proper form. So, as I’ve mentioned before, I lowered the weights to maintain proper form and prevent injuries.

My allergies (or a cold) are still making workouts all the more extreme and interesting. Yay/boo for that. LOL I’m not to the point of needing to rest a day to let it pass, just taking it easy as I go forward with the daily workout.

What have YOU done to get out and get active and find your health?


21 Day Fix EXTREME – Day 11

Today was Lower Fix EXTREME again. I still don’t like jumping or lunges. They are rough on my knees. So those are the two I modify the most. I do know that at one point while doing my lunges it felt like my knee tried to tweak, so I pulled back a bit and modified even more. A prime example of listening to my body.

I’m still enjoying this program, even though it is still kicking my booty and I’m learning. It is definitely a challenge and keeps pushing me. That’s a good thing IMHO. I hate to get bored with programs. Hard to be bored when I’m still working to perfect form and reps!

No, I’ve not managed to completely max out reps. I have to take a second and shake out muscles now and then. Again not a bad thing. She mentions several times in the workouts it’s okay to pause and shake out a muscle then get back in it. Form is more important than pushing through when you’re faltering. 🙂

What have you done today to push yourself beyond your comfort zone?


21 Day Fix EXTREME – Day 10

Today brings Pilates Fix EXTREME to the schedule again. I was able to do more of the poses than last week, even if still modifying. I keep mentioning that I’m modifying because it is important. It lets you do the workouts and exercises, but within the parameters of what your body will allow.

The idea of using resistance bands in my Pilates workouts is still a bit different to me, but I’m making it work for me. Today was a good workout and I enjoyed it. I know I’ll be feeling it tomorrow! And that’s not a bad thing. It reminds me that I did the work I set out to do.


21 Day Fix EXTREME – Day 9

Today was Upper Fix EXTREME! By the time I was done my shoulders were burning, my biceps were tight and my triceps weren’t sure if they liked me anymore or not. In a word it was… AWESOME! If a bit brutal. But change doesn’t happen without work. It doesn’t change without pushing. I did both! No the weights haven’t gone up, but seeing as I’m still modifying with the 8 lb weights as my heavies, I’m not moving up. Not yet anyhow.

I want to be able to do the reps unmodified before I increase the weight. There’s no point in going heavier if I can’t keep proper form and the reps with the weights I’m using. Yes, I know part of it might be not trusting myself, and not wanting to injure myself. I figure I’ll likely do like I did with the Original 21 Day Fix and do 2 rounds. This first round is to really learn and get the workouts down. Perfect my form. I’ll let the 2nd round be the one where I really push myself and see just how heavy, how hard, how far I can go.

Last week was much like the Original in that I wasn’t sure if I liked the program or not. I am starting to enjoy it more and more with each day, each workout, each increase in confidence as I move through. It’s not better or worse than 21DF, but different. It is definitely more of a challenge, but in a good way. It’s good to challenge myself, because it keeps my muscles guessing and keeps me moving and on my toes.

What have you done to challenge yourself today? Are you working towards your goals? How can I help you get there? Talk to me. Message me, email, leave a comment. Let me know how I can help you get to where you want to go. I want to help you get there!


21 Day Fix EXTREME – Day 8

Today starts Week 2 of the 21 Day schedule. It is basically a repeat of last week, but by this week we *should* be seeing more strength, endurance and improvement. I will say that though I stuck with the same weights as last week, I was still challenged. I still felt every move, but probably had even better form this week. (Some day we’ll put mirrors up so I can check form during workouts, or maybe I’ll go back to recording my workouts so I can see what I am and am not doing.)

I noticed today that I still need to modify some of the moves. That is not because I can’t do them, but more to protect myself from potential injuries, or re-injuring old injuries. I have some pretty crap-tastic knees from injuries in my youth. So I modify jumps. And there is nothing at all wrong with modifying! I still pushed, I still got the heart rate up, and I still saw improvements. Those are the things that are most important. Working WITH your body and modifying as needed to still get the benefits and the movement from the workout.

I didn’t quit, I didn’t sit still, I didn’t lay down. I found a way to make the moves work for me. That’s what we have to do. It’s all about finding what works and going with it. Have you gotten up and gotten active today? I know, it’s been a while since I asked. Bet you thought I stopped thinking about it. Nope, just hoping that you are doing them without me harping every day.

You can do it! Get up there and let today be the first, or the next, step in your journey to health and happiness.


21 Day Fix EXTREME – Day 7

Today was Yoga EXTREME. New poses, old poses with a twist, and just general stretchy goodness. I realized today that I’m much tighter than I have been in past weeks, so I’ve definitely been working muscles this week and needed it today. My forward folds and sun salutations weren’t nearly as deep as I could have been, but I felt the stretch and release of tension, so I know I was doing work.

I also had quite a few NEW poses. Ones I’ve never had in any of the Yoga routines I’ve done before. Humble Warrior being the first one I can think of. That one was definitely a challenge, but it was nice. I also did the bind/lock up going from Warrior 2 to Right Angle. Today was the first time I ever felt confident enough to even try.

I liked that at the end of the routine today, she actually had us do a tiny meditation, though hoped it would be longer. As I tried to coax my toddler, the ever adorable Baba, to head upstairs she refused to get out of the meditation pose (criss cross apple sauce or modified lotus). So I put my water bottle down and sat down beside her and did another 5-10 minute meditation. I really should start adding this to the end of every Yoga day because I think it helped end it all wonderfully and was a great way to continue to ground myself.