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My 21 Day Fix Journey

21 Day Fix Days 10 and 11

Yesterday was my Day 10 and I was sick and in bed all day. As a result I didn’t make it down to workout. My body told me I needed an actual rest day, so I listened. I hated it though. I absolutely hate missing workouts. But I have to listen, I have to. I knew I didn’t have the energy or form to do the workout, so I sat it out.

I came back to it today, though. Today was Pilates Fix and oh it was so very delicious! It was just was I needed. It was gentle and restorative. I know others might argue that point a bit, but to me it was. While it seemed slow to me last week, this week it wasn’t. I didn’t try to rush or anticipate. I lived each move, each motion, each flow. I really did enjoy Pilates Fix today.

As I mentioned at the start I had to miss yesterday because I was sick. Sometimes we can workout through illness. Sometimes we need to not workout so we can heal. It is knowing your energy and knowing your body to know when those times are. Yesterday was the hard call. They are hard calls because they are difficult and not what you want to do. But they are there to help you grow. Sometimes growing means holding back. I am glad that I am growing enough to know I can do it. I can step back if I ca’t move forward without causing more harm.

What are you doing to find and promote your fitness today? have you gotten active today? Are you eating healthy? Are you fueling your mind while you fuel your body? You can do it!


21 Day Fix Day 9

My workout today was Upper Fix. Though my shoulders are still tender from the workout yesterday and Sunday I upped my heavy weight to 8 lbs and pushed. I didn’t fail, I made it through though I did modify as I started to fatigue. That is okay though. Because I increased my weights. After only 1 week!

My shoulders will likely feel the workout even more later today, but that is okay! It is a good sore. It lets me know that I did the work and I’m building muscle. I’m changing the shape of what is already there, underneath, begging to be seen and used.

I hadn’t realized just how much I missed the weights and lifting until I started 21 Day Fix. I loved the weights in ChaLEAN Extreme. I saw change, I saw the increase in strength, I saw more definition. Weights add a bit of extra challenge. They push us just a bit further. They increase what we already do, and they are great for that.

Okay, you may wonder why I am so excited about weight and muscle. I’m a lady, do I really want to bulk up? Ladies, we don’t really bulk up just by adding weights to our routines. We lean out, get cut, and see those muscles pop just a bit. But do you know what is even more important about muscle? It burns more fat! It not only looks good, it helps to burn those calories and helps you stay more fit. Yes, it is more dense and can weigh more. But weight really is just a number on the scale and not the most important thing. What is most important is how your clothes fit and how you FEEL!

Our society is hung up on the number on the scale, but that isn’t what drives me. What drives me is how I feel and how my clothes fit on my body. How I look in those clothes. If I feel good, I look good. THAT is what is important. So sure, you can use the scale, but don’t let it be the ONLY motivator.

Want to know a dirty little secret about that number on the scale? It fluctuates every single day. You can gain or lose 2-3 pounds per DAY depending on how well you keep yourself hydrated and the foods you eat. So the scale can be lying to you. And that my dears, is why we shouldn’t rely on that number on the scale. Because it can be deceiving you.

Have you gotten up and gotten active today? Have you pushed play on a workout DVD? Have you gotten up and danced to a song on the radio? Have you eaten healthier and thrown out or avoided the junk? You can do it! Get up and get out there to find that happier and healthier you. Remember, I’m here cheering for you!


21 Day Fix Day 8

Today’s workout was Total Body Cardio. The workouts repeat themselves, since it is pretty much just 7 workouts with a couple of extras thrown in to be used as supplements.

I started the workout using 8 lb weights, and that worked fairly well until the soreness from the Yoga yesterday kicked in and I had to use a lower weight or really let my form suffer. I don’t want to suffer and risk injury, so lighter weights and completing the workouts it was.

I am really enjoying this program. The workouts are good, and pack a lot in for just 30 minutes. The meal plan is more about portion control than worrying about what you can or cannot eat or counting calories.

It is a whole body and mind system, encouraging you to follow your body and the plan, but not worrying about the whole thing, instead focusing on one exercise, one minute, one section at a time.

What are you doing to get out there and get active today?


21 Day Fix Day 7

Today’s workout was Yoga Fix. It is an active Recovery Day because there are no rest days in 21 Day Fix. My eldest son started out the workout with me, but he only made it about 5, maybe 10 minutes, before he decided it was too slow and too painful for him. (Which really means he needed it, he just wasn’t interested so he walked away.)

I have to say, of all of the Beachbody programs I have done and the yoga routines for each of them, this is very close to being my favorite ever! I felt the stretches, I felt the strength, I felt it all over. It really was a great stretch and I enjoyed it very much.

I surprised myself with my flexibility and improvements I’ve made in the last few months through PiYo and Combat and now the first week of 21 Day Fix. I ignored my head, just listening to Autumn give the cues and going where she said. For the first time ever I actually did a full chaturanga. On my toes! And made it fully chest to the floor. I don’t know that form was perfect by any means, but I felt the pose and felt the work. I am absolutely stoked about that.

It is just further proof that with work and practice, and stepping out of your head space, you really can do anything! What are you doing today to push yourself? What are you doing to help improve your health, flexibility and fitness? Have you gotten up and gotten at least 30 minutes of activity today? If not, I challenge you to get up and get something done. Anything. Just something to raise your heart rate and push yourself. You can do it. I believe in you!


21 Day Fix Days 5 & 6

I apologize for not posting yesterday. I did get my workout done and kept nutrition in check, but the kids were home yesterday and it was a bit chaotic and busy all day. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I refuse to compromise on the workouts. They get done, even if I don’t always post about it. Unless I am sick and unable to workout, but that is a whole other ball of wax.

Yesterday was Cardio Fix. This is not to be confused with Total Body Cardio Fix from day 1. This one used no weights and 4 rounds of 2 exercises and then a “bonus exercise” that is repeated. By the time I got to the Bonus exercise I was spent and was fighting the mental side of it. My mind kept saying “I want to just quit now.” My body said “I’ve got a bit more I can give, don’t you dare give up on me now!” I listened to the body and told the mind to hush.

Today’s workout was Dirty 30. I had no clue what to expect from this one based on the name. It involved a good bit of weights (still going with 5s and 7s for light and heavy weights). Abs are always being worked it seems, but the workouts were a good bit of squats and then rows and lat raises for shoulder and tricep work. My shoulders will likely be feeling it later today and tomorrow. My abs and obliques already are a bit. As are the hamstrings and glutes. That is how I know it was a good workout.

The difference between working towards goals and just coasting by in workouts is being willing to push for what you want. I want a leaner for trim and defined body. I won’t get that by quitting when a workout starts to get tough. I want to be healthy and fit enough to keep up with my 4 kids. I won’t do that if I quit. I want to be a good role model for them to know they can do anything if they are willing to work for it. I can’t do that if I quit when an exercise starts to get tough. So I push through. I draw on my motivations and I make it happen.

I work hard. I play hard. I push myself to learn my limits and then push beyond them to achieve new goals. No, it’s not for everyone. But if you really wanted to read about someone who quit and gave up every time, you wouldn’t be here would you? You’re here to see what I’m doing, how I’m pushing, how I’m growing, how I’m learning. And I hope, that in some way, I’m inspiring you to get up off that couch, or out of that chair, and get up and do something. For 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or even more. Get up and do something, stretch, do some yoga, go for a brisk walk. Just get up and do SOMETHING! Your body will thank you, your heart will thank you. But more importantly, your mood and your emotions will thank you. Because that activity, that work you do. It releases endorphins in the brain. Tiny little chemicals that improve your mood, make you happier, and make it easier to handle the stresses that live throws your way.

You can do it. And I’ll be here, cheering you on and getting up right along with you! You’ve got this. Let today be the day you choose to get up and find your fitness!


21 Day Fix Day 4

Today is Day 4 on the current fitness chapter. I call it a chapter because it is but another step in the journey or book my life is. This one is exploring a more set routine of nutrition and fitness designed to lose weight, tone up, and make me a happier, healthier version of myself. I’m sharing it because I hope to help others on their way.

Today my workout was Pilates Fix. I thought going in it would be relatively easy since I did just finish another round of PiYo. Oh boy was I wrong. Autumn seems to be sent by the Fitness Gods to challenge and push you further than you have gone before. All while wearing a smile and cheering you on. Not a single exercise was repeated, so it was 30 minutes of 1 minute or so intervals for each and every exercise.

I liked that it was such variety but boy oh boy my legs and core may not be so happy with me later. When it came to the final hamstring stretches towards the end I literally felt like crying my hamstrings were so tight. But it’s not a bad painful. It’s not a bad cry. It’s an “oh my goodness I really am working them and my muscles are letting me know they are there.” We only see progress when we break down the walls (or muscle) by stretching and reforming it.

Today was definitely a step in the direction of breaking down barriers within my muscles to improve strength and definition/tone. I may be walking a bit tenderly later today and even tomorrow, but I shall smile through it. Because I am doing the work, I’m paying the rent to live in a healthier version of my body. And in the end, it is all worth it.

The workouts, though, are only part of that journey, eating clean and healthy foods is also important. But eating them in the right portions is more important, because yes it is possible to over-eat the good for you stuff and derail the nutrition. It is amazing that when you stack all the food you are allowed in a single day it looks like a lot, and think “I can’t possibly eat all of that.” But you know what? When you work out you burn calories throughout the day after that workout. Your body needs that food to fuel it.

Fuel it with the healthy stuff, in smaller meals, and your body will adjust. You’ll be amazed when a smaller portion fills you up at one sitting. I’ve found myself saying several times in the last 2 weeks “this is just too much” and having to set it aside to come back to later. That is not a bad thing either. The smaller more frequent meals means your body doesn’t plateau. You don’t have that 2 o’clock crash needing sugar. Because you are eating what your body needs when it needs it.

You know what else? All the junk and unhealthy stuff begins to taste less appealing. I tried a bite of a cookie earlier, because my brain said “That looks good.” It tasted like utter crap. I don’t know if it was just the brand or what, but looks really were deceiving. Now to get the stores and government to stop making that crap and junk so much cheaper than all the healthy and yummy stuff!


21 Day Fix Day 3

Today was leg day. I love and hate leg day. It seems I’ve been in perpetual leg day for the last several months. My butt is loving it, and looks the best it has in years, jeans are fitting better than they have in months. I get a GREAT sweat going on. But oh my word the workouts in Lower Body Fix definitely kicked my butt in yet another new way.

Don’t get me wrong, the exercises were GREAT. The burn was GREAT! I enjoyed it. So what’s the problem? No real problem. Just a bit sad that my booty wanted to give out in the last 30 seconds of the final exercise and I was resorting to Lamaze-style breathing to push through. So it’s not really a problem at all. I kept my motivation up and got it done.

It’s definitely a challenge. And THAT is a good thing! I know what I need to work on and I know how to get there. The problem I guess will be the walking later! But wait, this goes back to enjoying the sore and tender after a great workout. So I guess again, no problem. 😀

It’s not all sunshine and daisies when working out. Not by any means. I sweated like a stuck pig, and that was just with a LOWER body workout. Not much upper body at all to today to have my sports bra sticking to me. So again, another good thing. Because really, sweat means the temp is up and you’re burning calories.

Overall, I liked the workout today and will enjoy it again when it pops up on my calendar. I can do anything for 60 seconds, right? That’s what Autumn Calabrese says with every workout. She’s the trainer for this series, by the way. She’s a bit bubblier than I’m used to. So that is a change too, and is taking getting used to. But she does good to motivate and keep us going. I just wish she really would stick with the routines more and stop checking on everyone else. Ah well. Different styles. She’s checking to make sure form is good and consistent, so it reminds me to check myself in the process. 🙂

I encourage you to get out there and get moving. Do something to focus on your fitness today! Happy Wednesday to you!


21 Day Fix – Days 1 & 2

I started my 21 Day Fix journey yesterday. Well, okay that’s not entirely true. I started the meal plan last week. I started the workouts yesterday.

The meal plan took a bit of work to figure out, but I can definitely see the benefits to it. Portion control vs. calorie counting. I will definitely take the portion control! The containers make the planning and accountability much easier than I had thought it would be. It just becomes a bit of planning and prep work to make the menu work. Especially for a busy family of 6, with younger and older children with different tastes in food! I managed to get it figured out, though. Here is the fruits of that labor… It doesn’t rely on using Shakeology as a meal since the kids obviously don’t get a Shake every day, and the hubby is iffy on them. BUT I can easily change out meals to fit the Shakeology in if I wanted to.

The first workout was Total Body Cardio. It is 30 minutes of total body work, and it really did give me a challenge. Me, who just completed a hybrid calendar of PiYo and Combat. I started this journey already in pretty good shape, but had no illusions this would push me. And push me it did. In oh such a good way. I know where I need to work and where I can improve. I am definitely feeling the fruits of that workout today. And yes I am one of those crazy people who actually enjoy the tenderness and quasi-pain the next day after a good workout. It reminds me that I actually did WORK. Because let’s face it. Workouts are meant to be work. Work on our overall health and well being. I did work yesterday and I feel the changes starting today.

Speaking of today… Today was Upper Fix. I thought I would be smart and set my max weight to 10 lbs for the first exercise. While I completed that first set of reps at that weight, my form started to fail so I lowered to 7 lbs weights. It is not a bad thing to go lower when you start to fail, it ensures you can get the reps in and are still benefiting, because let’s face it. I didn’t quit. I kept going. Just with lower weight. But you know what? My goal is to be able to use the 10 lbs weights for the ENTIRE workout when it calls for my heavier weights! My light weight was 5 lbs throughout. I think I shall make my goal to up that to the 7 lbs weights I used today, maybe even 8 lbs. We shall see. But for now I know that 5 lbs is totally doable for me.

In the end, so far I am liking the workouts. I don’t know if this will become another favorite program or not, but I will definitely stick with it for 21 days. Because I refuse to give up. I want to see the results I get with this one. I need to do my before pics and my starting measurements for accountability. Who knows, I may even get brave and share them here when all is said and done. I make no promises for that, but I might. We shall see.