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P90X3 – Day 12

P90X3 - CVX, Day 12

P90X3 – CVX, Day 12

This morning hubby and I got CVX done earlier, but I didn’t post because kiddos kept me busy today. 🙂 The workout is a good one, if a toughie on the shoulders after an arm intensive day like yesterday.

CVX is cardio while holding a weight. I started out with an 8 lb medicine ball, but had to eventually lower to a 7 lb dumbbell, though I put that down for even a few of the moves because my shoulders were shot. So yes, I modified. But I’m okay with that. Because I’m listening to my body and not pushing to hurt myself, just working to find progress and increase strength. I am doing that. In my time and in my way. It is a lovely feeling!

Despite the early wake up, and the cold start to the workout, I didn’t let the workout stop me, I got up and kicked butt! Or did my best to anyhow. 🙂 I love working out, and pushing myself more each week. I’m seeing improvements every seek, so it makes me happy!


P90X3 – Day 11

P90X3 - The Challenge, Day 11

P90X3 – The Challenge, Day 11

Today was The Challenge, part deux. Last week I struggled with this one. When I started back on my fitness journey after having my youngest daughter, The Baba, or Child Number 4, I could not do a push up on my toes to save myself. Heck, to be honest I could barely hold plank on my hands and toes for very long. Or that’s the story I told myself.

If you’d have told me 2.5 years ago I’d be doing more than 1 push-up on my toes, holding a regular plank for several minutes, or anything of the sort I’d have laughed at you hysterically. But here I am today, 2.5 years later, doing a workout that consists of almost exclusively a variety of push-ups and pull-ups and chin-ups. I still struggle to do even 1 regular pull-up unassisted, but push-ups on my toes, those I can do. I may not get my chest to the floor, or much below my elbows, but I’m doing them on my toes by golly!

Yes, my pull-ups and chin-ups are modified in that I do them with a resistance band on a hook, but even the modifier in the workouts does them that way. I see no shame in modifying them. I am STILL using a 60 lb resistance band and doing a good amount of reps with each one. And I am challenging myself. Some day I may use the pull-up assist band and work to a full, “real” pull-up, but for now I am taking my successes and wins as I get them.

If that means I cheer because I do 15-20 resistance band pull-ups for every round, while then doing 10-12 push-ups on my toes, with 2 or 4 rounds dropping to 1 knee, count it 1 knee, not both, then I will. Because I am making progress! And I am showing up to push play. I am getting stronger and doing things that a younger, less fit me wasn’t able to do. I am trying, I am pushing, and I am seeing results. THOSE are the successes I count. They are not failures. Because they are more than I did in the past, more than I did even a week ago. And I am getting up and continuing to do, to push, and to try.


P90X3 – Day 10

P90X3 - Yoga X, Day 10

P90X3 – Yoga X, Day 10

Another round of Yoga X is done and in the books. Have I mentioned how much I love my Yoga days? I love the stretch and flexibility. While I may start off with tight hamstrings, oh my word by the end I feel so stretchy and happy. I can feel the muscles release their tension and warm up, adding to the strength and flexibility I have. Yoga really is vital to truly being able to do more in my cardio and weight session. The muscles need that extra push and work to be able to function optimally.

The Baba came down to join us for a little while, of course doing her fave poses of Downward facing dog and child’s pose, but she refused to do savasana. Perhaps she feared she’d fall asleep. I know I thought I might, it felt so wonderful to just lay back and meditate at the end. We held the pose for a good bit after just enjoying the stretch and relaxation.

Yoga is quickly becoming one of my favorite days, and I love the new routines with each of the programs as I go through. Each one offers new poses and variations that I had yet to try. And I find that I am getting ever closer to being able to go straight to up dog from lowering down with chaturanga. Progress. It is mine! It is being made. And I am a very happy me! 🙂


P90X3 – Day 9

P90X3 - Agility X, Day 9

P90X3 – Agility X, Day 9

Today was Agility X again. This time we took the time to actually set up the tapes to do the workouts properly. I realized quickly I need to set my tapes further apart but we just don’t have the room in our basement gym for us both to have the tapes where we need them and not run into walls. Nor is it big enough for all 4 kids to join us.

Hubby and I did have fun with one of the “running” segments running figure 8’s around both sets of tape and chasing each other. We were laughing and having fun, which was nice. One of the reasons I’m so glad he and I are doing this one together. Having a partner/buddy makes the workouts more fun and gives you someone to push you and encourage you when you start to flag.

While last week I wasn’t sure I could really get the hang of Agility X, this week showed progress. I am by no means perfect with it, and there are still segments that kick my butt, BUT I did make progress. And the tapes DEFINITELY make a huge difference. Those will become a permanent fixture I think! 🙂


P90X3 – Day 8

P90X3 - Total Synergistics, Day 8

P90X3 – Total Synergistics, Day 8

This week the calendar repeats from last week. We start the week with Total Synergistics. The beauty of today is we convinced the Teen, our eldest child, to join us for the workout. He wasn’t too talkative this time around, actually being serious and working out for real with us. It was lovely! The youngest even came down to join us for a bit. The middle two were off playing, so it wasn’t TOO crowded in our little workout area.

The eldest enjoyed the workouts, and having him down there adds a bit of a new dynamic, helping him learn the poses while really competing with him and the hubby. They both push me, and I love showing I can use heavier weights than both of them for some of the moves. Or more reps with the same weights as them. It’s wonderful to see such progress. And I can’t help but love the challenge and the push from them.

Talk about a rush. Laughing and sharing workouts with the kids, THAT is living by example and seeing it pay off!


P90X3 – Day 7

P90X3 - Dynamix, Day 7

P90X3 – Dynamix, Day 7

Another day of pure stretching and gentle workouts. When doing a 7 day workout schedule you definitely need multiple light and stretchy days. Your muscles and body need to actively recover, and Dynamix was just what the body ordered.

I think I have a new nemesis move, as burpees are getting moderately easier and less of a chore… The new nemesis? Groiners. There is no way I can jump and lunge and push-up all at the same time. At least not right now! It is a goal to be able to do this one with less difficulty and eventually master it I want it added to my wheel house!

Stretching, new moves, and a workout buddy. Overall a good workout and I completed it. I think I’d call today a success!


P90X3 – Day 6

P90X3 - The Warrior, day 6

P90X3 – The Warrior, day 6

The Warrior is a mix of cardio and body weight exercises. Quite a few of the poses had a pilates or yoga feel to them, while pushing you to use your body in ways you may not always use it. Yes, my ever dreaded nemesis the burpees make an appearance here. I swear, Tony finds new ways to torture us with workouts, but the torture ends up being a good thing in the end as we are pushing and exceeding goals.

Okay, perhaps it’s not really torture but I swear some days I think it is. Of course, when all is said and done I’m like “that was fun, let’s do it AGAIN!!!!” It keeps me coming back. 🙂 Exercise and fitness are my high. Pushing the limits and mastering new moves is what I crave!

The thing that I enjoyed the most about this one is that it is totally set to honor our Heroes – those serving our country in some capacity. Those serving in the Military, Police, Firefighters, and other civil servants.


P90X3 – Day 5

X3 - CVX

X3 – CVX

This morning hubby and I got up and pressed play to P90X3 – CVX. What is CVX you ask? It’s something I am well acquainted with from my previous rounds of 21DF and 21DFX. Cardio with weights. Today only involved holding 1 weight in both hands for most of the routines, there were a few where we put the weights down. I had a few issues with the weighted march, since it was lifting the leg straight out, not a traditional march, but I pushed through.

I’m happy to say I kept 7 lbs for every routine. 🙂 Though I did modify the jumps as I usually do since jumping and my knees don’t tend to get along. It’s all about knowing your body and modifying as needed, right? I tend to think so, it’s my philosophy and I stick to it. Workout, but workout smart. and that’s what I do. It’s what my hubby had to do at several points today because he is working with slight injuries.

I think I’m really going to enjoy P90X3. It gives me the intervals and intensity of 21 DF and 21 DFX, but within a 90 day format that will change out routines and keep them new and fresh. Definitely a good challenge for me! I look forward to it. Now to get past this soreness from the last few days! LOL


P90X3 – Day 4

P90X3 - The Challenge

P90X3 – The Challenge

Today was “The Challenge”. It was definitely an interesting challenge. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so was worried I wouldn’t do well with this one. When it started and I found out it would be pull-ups, chin-ups, and push-ups, I admit I groaned a bit. The pull-up bar is my nemesis, enter resistance bands! Loop them around a hook hanging from the beam in our home gym and off we go.

I set my numbers at the start – 15 pull-ups and/or chin-ups and 10 push-ups. And I was determined to do them on my toes. I had no problem with the modified pull-ups and chin-ups. The push-ups I even managed most rounds with little trouble. For 4 rounds of push-ups the last 3 of each round I dropped to 1 knee but knocked them out.

And I finished. I never quit. That was the biggest thing for me!


P90X3 – Day 3

X3 Yoga

This morning was X3 Yoga and oh boy I seriously needed it. My hamstrings were so stiff when I started that I couldn’t even get finger tips to the ground with sun salutation. Happily, by the end I was able to get a good bit of the palm on the ground, still working on full palm.

This one had a few new to me poses and a few that I was only just starting to get with 21DFX Yoga EXTREME so it was good to revisit and build on them. Still need to work on the balance poses, but getting stronger and better with them every day. Crow is definitely my nemesis and something to work on. I can barely lift one foot off the ground before I falter. But I’ve had that issue through any version of Yoga, so I’m working on it and have the goal. 🙂

Overall, I enjoyed this one. As seems to be my M.O. with any new workout, I’m worried I won’t like it or I won’t be able to do most of what is going on. I am surprising myself and seeing that perhaps I really am stronger and more flexible than I thought. And every day I see that I can do more than I thought I could.

I wake up every day happier and more confident since fully embracing my fitness journey. Building strength in body is helping to build it mentally and spiritually and I am slowly finding the ever necessary balance. It is a good feeling!