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21 Day Fix EXTREME – Day 9

Today was Upper Fix EXTREME! By the time I was done my shoulders were burning, my biceps were tight and my triceps weren’t sure if they liked me anymore or not. In a word it was… AWESOME! If a bit brutal. But change doesn’t happen without work. It doesn’t change without pushing. I did both! No the weights haven’t gone up, but seeing as I’m still modifying with the 8 lb weights as my heavies, I’m not moving up. Not yet anyhow.

I want to be able to do the reps unmodified before I increase the weight. There’s no point in going heavier if I can’t keep proper form and the reps with the weights I’m using. Yes, I know part of it might be not trusting myself, and not wanting to injure myself. I figure I’ll likely do like I did with the Original 21 Day Fix and do 2 rounds. This first round is to really learn and get the workouts down. Perfect my form. I’ll let the 2nd round be the one where I really push myself and see just how heavy, how hard, how far I can go.

Last week was much like the Original in that I wasn’t sure if I liked the program or not. I am starting to enjoy it more and more with each day, each workout, each increase in confidence as I move through. It’s not better or worse than 21DF, but different. It is definitely more of a challenge, but in a good way. It’s good to challenge myself, because it keeps my muscles guessing and keeps me moving and on my toes.

What have you done to challenge yourself today? Are you working towards your goals? How can I help you get there? Talk to me. Message me, email, leave a comment. Let me know how I can help you get to where you want to go. I want to help you get there!


21 Day Fix EXTREME – Day 8

Today starts Week 2 of the 21 Day schedule. It is basically a repeat of last week, but by this week we *should* be seeing more strength, endurance and improvement. I will say that though I stuck with the same weights as last week, I was still challenged. I still felt every move, but probably had even better form this week. (Some day we’ll put mirrors up so I can check form during workouts, or maybe I’ll go back to recording my workouts so I can see what I am and am not doing.)

I noticed today that I still need to modify some of the moves. That is not because I can’t do them, but more to protect myself from potential injuries, or re-injuring old injuries. I have some pretty crap-tastic knees from injuries in my youth. So I modify jumps. And there is nothing at all wrong with modifying! I still pushed, I still got the heart rate up, and I still saw improvements. Those are the things that are most important. Working WITH your body and modifying as needed to still get the benefits and the movement from the workout.

I didn’t quit, I didn’t sit still, I didn’t lay down. I found a way to make the moves work for me. That’s what we have to do. It’s all about finding what works and going with it. Have you gotten up and gotten active today? I know, it’s been a while since I asked. Bet you thought I stopped thinking about it. Nope, just hoping that you are doing them without me harping every day.

You can do it! Get up there and let today be the first, or the next, step in your journey to health and happiness.


21 Day Fix EXTREME – Day 7

Today was Yoga EXTREME. New poses, old poses with a twist, and just general stretchy goodness. I realized today that I’m much tighter than I have been in past weeks, so I’ve definitely been working muscles this week and needed it today. My forward folds and sun salutations weren’t nearly as deep as I could have been, but I felt the stretch and release of tension, so I know I was doing work.

I also had quite a few NEW poses. Ones I’ve never had in any of the Yoga routines I’ve done before. Humble Warrior being the first one I can think of. That one was definitely a challenge, but it was nice. I also did the bind/lock up going from Warrior 2 to Right Angle. Today was the first time I ever felt confident enough to even try.

I liked that at the end of the routine today, she actually had us do a tiny meditation, though hoped it would be longer. As I tried to coax my toddler, the ever adorable Baba, to head upstairs she refused to get out of the meditation pose (criss cross apple sauce or modified lotus). So I put my water bottle down and sat down beside her and did another 5-10 minute meditation. I really should start adding this to the end of every Yoga day because I think it helped end it all wonderfully and was a great way to continue to ground myself.


21 Day Fix EXTREME – Day 6

Today brings a new level of intensity to Dirty 30. It was a good workout and definitely a challenge. But it was also one where I found I could just zone out and get into the moves. My mind turned off and the focus was on the move I was doing at the time. I could ignore any soreness and just focus on the weights in my hands and keeping my form.

The moves today only used weights, no resistance bands. Which was definitely a nice little relief. 🙂 I am still using my 5 lb weights and 8 lb weights. And yes they are still challenging me, so I may stick with them again next week. There was one move where I did need to drop down to 3 lb weights though. My elbows were not liking the 5 lb weights and my form was slipping, so I lowered the weights. You know what? I’m okay with that. Proper form in the movements is more important than heavier weights. Heavier and bad form is a recipe for injury. Lighter and good form keeps my body safe and injury free. I prefer the latter to the former any day.

I had the thought this morning that I am enjoying the new challenges, but I also know that if I hadn’t done the original 21 Day Fix first, I’d likely be struggling even more with EXTREME. So I am happy I chose to do the progression. Now I need to buckle down and dial in my nutrition even more. Because it has definitely NOT been perfect and on point this week. I’m about 75% to 80% this week if I’m completely honest with myself. If I want to see the results I want I need to get it closer to 90% to 95%, if not 100%.

It’s a work in progress. I’m a work in progress. And I’m enjoying the journey. That is what life is, after all. A journey and an adventure and I learn more every day. More about myself and my goals and how to achieve them.


21 Day Fix EXTREME – Days 4 & 5

Oh boy, I can’t believe I forgot to come by and share my workout pain yesterday. I apologize. Life just got in the way. I shall remedy that problem forthwith!

Yesterday was Lower Fix EXTREME. That means Leg day. OUCH!!! Lots of lunges and jumping with weights and the resistance bands again. Those bands really, really work different muscles and different ways. I worked my legs and my booty and it hurt a bit, and I’m definitely feeling it today. ‘Twas a good workout. I know that because I’m a good sore.

Today was Cardio Fix EXTREME. Rounds to work the entire body, still with weights mixed in. It also added in a few short cardio intervals between each round. A good bit of work in a short time. This really was an extreme workout, cardio on steroids! My glutes protested with each squat until I finally warmed up. And of course it seemed that as soon as I was warmed up the routine was done.

I’m being pushed and moved in ways I’m not sure I knew I could do when I started. Pushing past the mental “I can’t do XYZ.” Today in the workout Autumn (thee trainer) mentioned that now is when you remove “I can’t” from your vocabulary and replace it with “I can!”

I’m working to replace it with “I can.” I really am. It’s not always easy, but then again, nothing worth really having is!


21 Day Fix EXTREME – Day 3

Today is Pilates Fix EXTREME. When they said it was Extreme they sure weren’t joking. I’m talking adding resistance bands to the Pilates moves. Some carried over from the original 21 Day Fix, others are all new. And the bands make it oh so very challenging.

Today was definitely a day of modifications. Modifying poses, pausing to catch my breath, and wondering if I could do even half of what I was supposed to be doing. I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry, I wanted to quit. Instead I modified and did what I could, pausing if I had to so I didn’t lose form. This one is going to definitely take work and practice. And maybe some lighter resistance bands.

It was well and truly a butt kicker. So far all of the EXTREME workouts have been. It’s a challenge, and a nice one. But I have to admit, it has me wondering if I was ready to step up to this challenge. Just my own personal self doubts creeping in. I won’t let them win and I won’t give up or give in! I will complete this round and I will succeed!


21 Day Fix EXTREME – Day 1

Today starts the next chapter in my fitness journey. I figure like I did with the original 21 Day Fix I will share my take on the workouts and how I grow and change over the next 3 weeks.

Day 1 is Plyo Fix Extreme. Let me preface this by saying I have 2 iffy knees from injuries in my teens. They just don’t like jumping. And that is what Plyo is. A good bit of jumping. It’s a great way to tone and shape he calves, thighs, hamstrings, and booty, but my knees don’t always cooperate. So there was a good bit of modifying on my part. Even more so than the modifier in the video was doing. Just because I didn’t want to risk hurting myself. The point of me working out is to get stronger and see change and injury would be counter-productive here.

The warm-ups were different from the original, as were the cool downs, and yes Autumn threw in her Bonus workout at the end, because she loves her bonus round. 🙂 It really wasn’t a bad workout, I need to work harder to remove the “I hate Plyo” mentality before I start. See, even I have problems now and then with the negative voice coloring my workout. But I work to overcome it. After the warm-up and a couple minutes in I stopped worrying about how much I hate jumping and risking injury to my knees again and just let my body do what it could.

Was it easy? No. Was it worth it? Yes! By the end I was drenched in sweat and I’m pretty sure my booty and legs will be telling me all about the workout later today and tomorrow.

Oh, and for my own accountability, my light and medium/heavy weights today I lowered from what I’d been using in the original to 5 lbs and 8 lbs. I really could have probably stuck with the 7 lbs and 10 lbs but I wanted to make sure I worked through the routines once before I really started to push. Next week I’ll up the weights. For now, Week 1 is getting acquainted and ready to push harder!