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Making the choice to get started and try something new

A New Program

I have moved on from 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme for now. I am starting P90X3 with the hubby. He said he needed to get back into working out and he really loves the P90X series of workouts. We tried to start P90X2 last week, but decided 3 might be better. So P90X3 is where we are going.

This morning was our first X3 workouts. It was Total Synergistics, so a bit of total body with Yoga and Cardio combined. I only say a bit of Yoga because we did a few Warrior 3 and other inspired yoga poses.

I really enjoyed the workout. It challenged me on several workouts and poses. I was definitely glad that for the last 2.5 to 3 months I’d been doing 21DF and 21DFX. Both programs helped me to be ready for X3. I think the next 90 days will be a wonderful journey full of learning, stretching, and pushing myself. And even better, I will be taking this journey with my hubby. Because working out is always better with a partner!


Motivation Monday / Thought of the Day

21DFX Plyo Fix EXTREME – The thought of the day today is:

“Now’s your chance to change your life!”

Each and every day is a new day, a new opportunity, a new chance to get up and change yourself. A new breath of fresh air on the path you walk and the routines you follow. Stop saying “I’ll start tomorrow.” “I’ll get to it.” Stop putting off what you want and desire. Yesterday is gone and done, you can’t change it. Tomorrow isn’t here yet and is not promised. Today is the only day you know you have. This moment. It is the present. It is your prime opportunity to take the steps, to make the change, to create and shape the life you desire.

Don’t think about an hour from now, a day from now, think of this moment right now. What do you want to do? What can you do right now to make it happen? Get up and do it! Stop putting it off. The old adage “do not put off til tomorrow what you can get done today” is absolutely true and vital.

Especially with your health and fitness. Start now. The sooner you start, the more those benefits will last. The longer they will last. The easier those changes and choices will be. So get up and get it done. Make the commitment to start that workout TODAY. Make the commitment to eat healthier, to get up and move more. Change today, so tomorrow will be easier for you. So you’ll be happier. So you’ll be healthier. So you’ll be stronger.

Just get up and do it!


Rest Days

Rest days can be a bit confusing. While they can be days on your calendar where nothing is scheduled, it doesn’t mean this is a day to do nothing. instead it means this should be an active recovery day, where you do something gentle and kind to your body, but still stay active. It’s not necessarily a scheduled workout, but it is still a day to do something and keep up the change you’ve started. Many do Pilates or Yoga on these days.

Pilates and yoga are great ways to stretch out those sore muscles while still getting in a good workout. It helps to improve flexibility and strength. Then again, it could also be going out and swimming or doing something else that keeps you active but isn’t strenuous. The key is to gently work yourself and your body, not rush around and speed up your heart rate too much.

It is a day to help balance out all the sweat and activity. Balance. Something I’ve mentioned several times, but oh so very important. We need to find that balance in our lives to be truly happy and healthy. Imbalance is no good for any of us. Not in fitness, not in health, and definitely not in life in general. Find that balance and you find your happy.


Stretching – Yes, you have to!

Yes you really need to warm up before you start your workout and cool down after you are finished. I know, boo hiss boo. You are all fired up and just want to jump into it. But if you don’t warm up your muscles properly, you really can injure yourself. Then all the hard work you’ve been doing will be for naught. You’ll be injured and either have to modify or think “I’ll just wait to workout until I’m healed.” Neither is really a fun prospect.

Warming up helps to increase blood flow to your muscles and makes them more able to support you and stretch as you work. It also helps to serve as a little mental nudge saying “Hey, we’re about to do work. Wake up!” Think of it as that morning cup of coffee that gets you up and moving (if you drink coffee, personally I think the stuff is vile and have never been one to drink it. LOL) It’s just that little extra oomph to help take your workouts up a notch and gets the body ready for what you’re about to do.

Cooling down and stretching after you’ve done your workout is also vital. It helps to slow your heart rate, redistribute the blood flow to where it should be, and helps prevent cramps later on in the day. All that blood that your vigorous exercise has gotten pumping and flooding those muscles needs to go back to the rest of the body, or it pools in your muscles and can cause cramps later. That is why any good workout video has the cooldown period at the end. It’s so you don’t cramp and continue to stretch out those muscles. You’ve worked hard, let the muscles get a gentle release to relax!

You’re working hard. You’re learning what works for you. You’re changing your life style. You’re changing your mind set. It will take time, but you’re getting there! I’m proud of you, and happy for the successes you’re seeing. *high fives* Keep up the great work!


Keep it fun, and remember to do nothing!

I know that title seems deceptive doesn’t it? I’m telling you to get up and get active, and then I tell you to remember to do nothing??? Am I joking? No, I’m really not. I don’t mean sit on your booty all day long and do nothing. I mean take at least 15-30 minutes to do nothing and de-stress. Just relax. Unplug from the TV, computer and phone. Put them away. Meditate, pray, just breathe. Be mindful of the moment and allow your body to relax and center. Live has to be about balance, and you can’t find that balance if you are constantly on the go. We have to stop and smell the roses so to speak. That’s what I mean by do nothing. If it’s sunny out, grab a good book and just veg outside for a little while. This one actually serves a dual purpose. Not only are you allowing your brain to unwind and settle down, you are also soaking up sun which helps your body to better process and synthesize Vitamin D! Two birds, one stone. Or win-win.

Now, when you do get back to your workout, find ways to keep it fun! Turn on some peppy and energizing music! Wear bright clothes. Have motivational posters and pictures up on your wall. And keep your new, healthier happier self firmly fixed in your mind. Also remember to take short breaks between each individual. No more than 20-30 second breaks, just to allow you to catch your breath. But it also serves to confuse your muscles. Our muscles create memory based on what they’ve done. If we take that 30 second break, when we start back up again the muscles have rested and are ready to do new things and get back to work.

Lifestyle changes are all about finding the balance that works for YOU. Find the ways that make it fun for you. Find what recharges your batteries. And above all else, get out there and live your life! Find your happy. 🙂


“It doesn’t get easier, you get stronger”

This is a quote I’ve heard often in the last 6 weeks. It seems to be one of Autumn Calabrese’s favorite phrases. At first I thought that was complete hooey. In a way it is, but it isn’t all at the same time. I think more more correct statement would be “It get’s easier BECAUSE you get stronger!”

As we work out, as we eat healthier, as we create those positive life changes they become easier through repetition and through pushing ourselves to do more and do better. So the things we do repetitively get easier because we know how to do them. But to keep them challenging, we increase our intensity, we modify and add to them.

Because honestly, we want to continue to grow and change and see progress. So we don’t stagnate. We find our wall so to speak, and we find ways to scale and push past it. And do you know why? Because the stronger you get, the more you want to do.

Working out and being bit IS your lifestyle. It feeds you energy, it lets you do more of what you enjoy. And you want to keep pushing to do even more. You’ve pushed past that fear, that worry, past what once held you back. And by doing that you keep finding new limits and pushing past them. Because though things are getting easier, you’re also getting stronger.

That new strength feeds you and pushes you. It fuels you. Mind, body AND soul. It helps you to find your balance. And that my dears, is a wonderful thing. Enjoy it. Embrace it. And keep going! You’ve got this!


Getting it Started – Why I started and Why I Care!

I know I’ve talked about how to get started, why to get started, and even a bit about motivation. I try to write this to support you and encourage you. Not because I expect anything out of it, but because I genuinely want others to be happier, healthier, and able to do the things they want and enjoy. It is the reason I’ve become a Beachbody Coach and finally decided to get active with it. I want to share my story and help others find their story.

So, why do I keep pushing you to get up, get active, and get healthy? Because I know many want to. I know the need for change is out there. Obesity is becoming an epidemic in our country and I hate to see how unhappy and unhealthy people are becoming. So I sit here, in my home, with my kids, trying desperately to fight the trend and lead by example. I know you see my picture sitting over there to the right and think “Yea right. You’re skinny, what do you care?” You know what? That picture is as much a bit of good genetics as a crapton of hard work and dedication.

I have four kids. Carried and gave birth to each of them. With my third son I gained a total of 50 pounds, after losing about 20 at the start of my pregnancy due to severe and horrible morning sickness. After delivering him, I really wanted to lose the baby weight and get back into my pre-pregnancy weight. I was over 30 when he was born, and losing the weight just wasn’t as easy as it had been with the older 2 kids. I was doing a pretty good job of it then got pregnant with our youngest daughter. While I only gained a total of about 40 pounds after the morning sickness induced loss, it has taken me the 2 years since she was born to come close to losing the weight I gained with her.

My body and metabolism have changed. It is only with the lifestyle change of eating healthier and less processed crap, and working out almost daily that has helped me get anywhere near that pre-pregnancy weight. And if I’m honest here, which is my policy, I still have about 3-5 pounds to lose before I reach that pre-pregnancy weight. But you know what? I’m not as worried about being THAT weight, because it isn’t necessarily healthiest for me. What I really want is to be fit and healthy. I am getting there. I still slip up some days and cave to cravings for sugar. I enjoy a slice of birthday cake when my kids celebrate a birthday. I have a piece of dark chocolate now and then. But they are NOT my staples. I cook most of our meals at home. I watch what I buy and keep it to as few ingredients as I can. I cut down on sugar and salt and other unhealthy seasonings where I can, opting for healthier choices.

My family, while they don’t always LIKE the changes, do usually support them with only a few complaints. It’s not easy, but nothing worth truly having really is. It’s about knowing myself enough to care and create and fight for those changes. Does my way work for everyone? Not always, and definitely not immediately. Remember, that picture to the right is 2 YEARS worth of work. But I’m worth it. And I’m leading by example for my children, and they most definitely are worth it. You know who else is worth it? YOU are.

It’s why I started this Blog. Because I think every single one of you is worth the time, energy and devotion to make that change. But it has to start with you. I really am only a tool in your toolbox to fitness, health and happiness. I can cheer you on, support you, help you find the programs and meal plans that will work for YOU. But you have to make the decision to start. I can’t make it for you. And, in the end, it will only succeed if you put in the work to do it. If you fully commit to the changes you desire. I can’t do the work for you. I can only support you. But I’m here every step of the way, cheering you on and answering questions when you ask. And I believe in you. I know you can make the change and see the results. Your road will just likely look different than mine. And that’s okay.

So please, let’s do this. Together. For you. For your future. I’m here. Get up, push play, and MOVE!


Getting Started – What This Isn’t

I’ve talked about motivation and getting started, keeping things going and making your new choices sustainable. I suppose I should take a step back and mention what your decision really is and what it isn’t. Because, let’s face it, mentality is the largest part of working out and success.

Deciding to get fit, eat healthy, and keep it going is NOT a diet or just exercise. it is a LIFESTYLE change and choice. You have to change the way you interact with and view food. You have to change the way you view your fitness. There is an entire mental overhaul that happens when you make this choice.

Fad diets and the latest weight loss gimmick just are not sustainable. What IS sustainable is making the conscious choice and effort to change your relationship with food and your body. It is entirely true that your body is a temple. You have to take care of it and find balance in order for it to take care of you. I know we’ve discussed that you have to change the way you eat to support your new fitness goals, being unable to really see change if you continue to eat crappy. I’ve also mentioned your mental view on the whole process can derail you if you aren’t careful.

YOU made the choice to change you. You made the choice to get healthier, to get happier. You chose to make this change. You have to set yourself up for long term success. And, in all honesty, that means changing your lifestyle. Change isn’t easy. Giving up some of those foods that you love but are horrible for you isn’t easy. Working out and pushing your body to its limits isn’t easy. Then again, being unhappy with your life and the way you feel isn’t easy either. You have to find that balance that keeps you happy without punishing yourself.

Balance. In the gym, or home gym or even on the trails, wherever you are going to find your fit. Balance in the kitchen finding the foods that sustain you and fuel you. Balance in your schedule and your daily life. Balance. It really is key to your success and happiness.

You can find it. You can do it. And I’m here for you!